Monday, April 21, 2014

An almost finish

Got this sucker all put together this afternoon after lunch with the gals.  Just wanted to 'git er dun' and I did (finally)!!  I didn't measure it yet (should be about 68X80") and it still has some paper on the back so will hafta wait to see if I want to add a border or leave it be.  We'll see...but I LIKE it!!

Design floor

This is where I'm at with the QOV blocks--there are 29 and I have a few more cut and ready to sew.  But don't think I have enough prepped to get me to 40 if I want to make two in a 4X5 setting.  When this block was used for HOB quilts, they had 3" sashing between all the blocks and around the outer edge which made it 48X78 (in a 3X5 setting).  Still debating which way I'll go to get it up to a good QOV size.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mission accomplished

For today anyway--


This is my April block/strip of the month.  An easy one this time and a close up to show the fabs a little better.

And here's another reason why I get SO sidetracked all the time!!  Somewhere I saw the Hidden Spools quilt using the pattern by Bonnie and had to go check it out (all her free patterns are along the right-hand side) and I'd opened a jelly roll with some leftovers so had to mess around a little and wah lah, that is how I arrived at the above.  I LIKE it and it's easy enough so I'm thinkin' this may very well be my NEXT donation quilt (if I can ever find time to finish up the few I have going at the moment!!).


I've been working on my star block for Quilt Doodles and hope to have that posted later today.  But while I was out and about today (with camera in tow), I took a few shots I'll share with you.  These behemoths live right down the road from me.  I always think 'man! wish I had my camera' but I never do.  Today I did!

 Doesn't this look comfy?  I think I'd get a crick in my neck real fast!
 So he was either getting a crick or heard the snapping of the camera and decided to pose!
 Isn't this pretty?  This is a landscaping company outside the gate.  They have such pretty plantings and I went for the poppies but left without getting the picture.  Will hafta go back.
 Some pretty little flowers--maybe a wild native species.  No clue.
And such a pretty little bench in the shade. 

Better get OFF the computer so I can maybe finish that star strip and get more rows together on the 'partial string' quilt I've been working on!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

quilting the doodles

I worked and finished my MARCH BOM from Quilt Doodles but now that means I MUST get busy and get the April block done before the month is over.  Got March all done and trimmed and that was including going to my #2 rugrat's birthday party this afternoon.  I didn't stay long as they were at Mountasia playing mini golf, riding go-carts, etc. and I would've much rather have been finishing this block today.

Tomorrow is Girls Game Day and is supposed to be chillier than it should be in April.  In fact, tomorrow night it's supposed to go down to 37!!!!!  OH NO!!!!  I sure hope we don't get a frost or a freeze.  Good grief, the weather this year has been CRAZY!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gettin' jiggy with it!

I have been really making headway on the purple scraps this month.  I'm sticking with just two blocks even though I started with several when I joined in on the scrappy challenge.  My goal is to make several baby quilts for donation when I'm done.  I like these two blocks and think they will be perfect in baby quilts.

I've also gotten several rows of those 'half string' blocks sewn together (I know, I know, it's taking me forever!!) and a few more QOV blocks finished.  Almost ready to start putting one of those together, too!

But I've also been out and about enjoying the fabulous weather.  Took the rugrats out caching yesterday and took some pix of them in the beautiful bluebonnets but the pix are not cooperating by jumping from my phone to my puter so got nuttin' to show.  Oh well...

Ooo, look how pretty the goldfinch are getting!!  They get golder and golder every time I see them!  Now I'm just waiting for some hummers to show up.