Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nearly ready...

I finally got borders put on one of the star tops and I measured it for backing size.  Came out to 68X80 and I had another flimsy laying across a chair with it's measured size (meaning I have two backings to make pronto!!).  The other top was exactly 68X80 but a totally different block and no borders on it.  How crazy is that?!!  But at least two are nearly ready to go to the longarmer.  YAY!

Now I need to go scrounge up some fabric for the backing (like fabric's in any kinda short supply around here!! UGH).

Friday, October 2, 2015

Getting there

I put together the center of the 2nd of these goal THIS WEEKEND is to get the border on and a backing made for these two.  I'm SO close to finishing up a couple of the others but need to focus (something I find very difficult :-(  So I'm going to put the blinders on and commit to working only on the finishing of these so they can go visit the longarmer!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's been a couple of weeks since I posted but I haven't been a total slug.  I'm still working on a few QOV's and need to get the backing made for a couple so they can be sent along to the longarmer.  I unearthed some more of these blocks so I've been busy putting them together in a different QOV.  I think at this point there are 5 different designs that I'm working on so there will be a decent assortment.

I REALLY like the zigzag effect that this layout provides.   This is one of Bonnie Hunter's fabulous free patterns that she so generously provides on her blog.  I've made several of her scrappy creations and actually did one of her mysteries (which I need to get borders on and finish since I love it so!!).  I think I'll need 3 more rows to get this one to the size I want and several blocks are already made so hopefully will move along quickly (my quick may not be your quick!  HAHA).

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Takin a break

Decided I needed a short break from the row by rows so I could work on getting a few QOV's finished up.  This is the first to get assembled and working on blocks for another one like this (IGNORE those green toes in the picture!!).  I have one already finished, quilted and bound and have a couple more in progress.  And while I'm working with these colors, I'm planning on making a FEW blocks for Alycia.  My 'parts' are cut 5" and hers are 3.5" so I can do that.  Now to select a border for this one and piece a backing.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

rows and rows

Two more to be added to the group!!  I'm working on TRYING to get the Grand Canyon fused--WOW, is THAT a bugger.  But if I get it done AND done right, it will be worth all the effort and gorgeous to boot.  That thing is entirely laser cut (THANK HEAVENS!!!).

I think there will need to be a lot of dark stitching on the pieces in the top row.  The fishes, birds and anchor don't show up as much as I'd like.  And, as all the others, they're only fused.  No trimming or stitching on any of them yet.  If anyone has the bottom dragonfly row, a bit of advise.  Make sure you have the stupid dragonfly fabric going the right way before you stitch (ask me how I know!!).

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Getting more together

Now that the swapping for rows around the country has slowed considerably (row by row officially ended on Sept. 8), I've had a little time to get a few rows put together.  These are extremely easy rows and they are merely fused, not trimmed OR stitched.  I figure I'm going to put together as many as I can and when the long, dark, freezing days of winter get here (much sooner than I'm ready for, I'm sure, since I'm NEVER ready for cold!!), then I can stay in the house where it's nice and cozy and warm and stitch to my heart's content!!  That's the plan anyway--we'll see!!  (Does it seem I say that alot?  I think I do!).

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sharing a few more

Just wanted to share a few more before wrapping it up.  This was the old First Congregational Church and it was a beauty!!  The cemetary beside and behind it was quite awesome--the headstones were so beautiful and OLD.  Amazing to see some of the dates that were here.

Very interesting seating configuration inside.  Instead of rows of pews, there were little boxes.  The guy told us that people 'purchased' the boxes and the more expensive ones naturally had a more prominent placement.  There were these little metal boxes on the floor in the center of each box which was a 'heater' in that they placed coals or something inside and set on the floor in the middle so that everyone's tootsies could stay warm.  Even the upstairs had boxes.
 Outside of the church was the cemetary which included the grave of Robert Frost.  WHO KNEW?  Not me.  There were three or four large markers for the Frost family and his had coins and little sticks placed on the marker.  I googled about the pennies and sticks but didn't find a definitive answer.
 This was the Bennington Monument.  There's an elevator inside so we went up to the top.  A pretty magnificient view (though not quite what you'd see from the Empire State Bldg., Statue of Liberty or St. Louis Arch--and yes, I've been in all of them!).  I had Kendall take a picture reminiscent of the
"someone (can't remember the name) was here".  Who was it, do you remember?  DUH, I hate that!  HA  Elrod!!!!  It was Elrod, wasn't it?  That's what I'm remembering anyway.
 Such a pretty little covered bridge (we saw 3 or 4).  I told Kendall I bet people drive over these every day and never give them a second thought (kind of like their beautiful fall foliage) but people like me go gaga over them!!
 AND we made it to the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge!!  Too late (what's new) for the tour but we just strolled around.  It was very pretty.  This was the little house behind the store where he was born.
And this was a big ole barn on the property (I love old barns!!).