Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm making progress on the QOV's!!!  I got the border on this one (after it was enlarged by a couple of rows and one side and the bottom)

and it's measured and I'll get a backing made for this and the big carpenter star!!  I have the final border picked out for the one I'm keeping so will get that one ready and a back made then I have the HOB style that simply needs a border as well.  BORDERS, BORDERS and MORE BORDERS!  Then comes the backing fun!!  But it IS getting done..WOOHOO!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My mission

at the moment is two-fold.  I want to get one bedroom cleaned out and cleaned up (which will take some work) and get these puppies finished so they can go live with someone.  The smaller star block quilt needs to be enlarged some so I'll make a few more of the blocks.  The Home of the Brave replica just needs a border like the carpenter star from yesterday (or day before).  Those two SHOULD be easy but not everything is as it seems, right?  I have 27 blocks made for another HOB style quilt so will make 3 more and get that one put together.  The one with the four patches (no idea what that pattern is) needs enlarging and I have several four patches already sewn.  The last one I LOVE and it might wind up residing here.  I don't think I have any patriotic quilts to call my own so I should have one, yes?   I also found a couple more that just need backings so I have quite a few that could wind up being UFO's no more!!  WOOHOO, that'd be awesome (if it works out that way)!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Got it together

Well, some of it anyway! LOL  While taking a break from the stupid tree top, I wanted to get something nearer to completion and I showed you that in progress.  It's together now but as you can tell it's not received it's final pressing.  I really need to get the big board cleaned off so that items of this size can be more easily accommodated.  But in the meantime, here tis

These blocks are 9" so at this point, it's 72" square.  It will most likely get a small border and I will get the backing made and find someone who does charity quilting to get it done.  Now maybe I can bring myself to go back to the tree top soon.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The tree quilt

Is just ALMOST there (as in ready for borders).  However, as I was pressing it, I found one stupid little seam that didn't quite catch which annoys the CRAP outta me!!  It's enough to make me toss it aside for a few days before getting back to it.  SO in the meantime, I decided to get this one put together (yes, another QOV) that I had started BEFORE the tree quilt.  All the pieces are there, just need to finish assembling the rows and sew them all together.  However, in this photo I see two 1/2 sq tri's that are on wrong and will need to fix THAT!  GAH!  It's always something needing fixing!!  For once it would be nice for everything to just fall into place correctly the first go round, right?  Well....

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Finally got the blocks together and just kinda threw them willy nilly on the floor.  99.9% certain this will NOT be the final layout as there are too many dark green trees clustered together..need to remedy that.  But it is nice having the blocks done and now just to add a simple border and have it quilted.  The Christmas quilt will be ready for the wall for 2017!  Yippee!

And that's a wrap for the first Quiltathon of 2017.  Hopefully they'll be ready to show for a finish next one!  We'll see....

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Still working on the trees-this must be a record!!  There's one other block somewhere.  I thought I had them all in the stack.  Only need 12 more to go and this one will be ready to go together.  Maybe in the next day or two.  Then I REALLY need to get back to my Carpenter's Star QOV I'd started.

Monday, January 2, 2017


I bought a kit from Craftsy to make a shawl and this is the start (I think it looks more like a scarf)--not much to look at at this point but hopefully it will be when it's finished.  I really like the colors.

And I'm continuing to work on the tree blocks so hopefully will get the top done before too long (and before I get distracted again--sigh).