Saturday, November 11, 2017

Been awhile

It's been quite awhile since my last post.  I was at Disney World, the happiest place on earth, a couple of weeks ago and will only share a small portion of my visit.  We started out on Sunday with my knee bothering me (it had been for 4-5 days before the trip) and then Monday I thought I was going to die!  My activity tracker showed we walked 18,660 steps and I didn't think I could go more.  So I rented a scooter which accelerated our entry into many of the rides (bonus!).  But I felt bad for my traveling buddy as we were either getting behind or too far ahead of the other.  It worked for the most part and we had a good time.

Donald and Daisy meeting and greeting (sure glad I don't have to stand in those lines anymore!).  And then we went to see The Lion King musical..AWESOME!  I was really mesmerized by the two giant guys on stilts and how easily they moved around the floor.  The acrobatic monkeys were fantastic as well.

Before leaving, I had been in cross-stitch mode and actually got two pieces finished.  One was small and I got it back from Michael's just in time to put out for November.

I think it's adorable but then I did make AND finish it.  It's sitting on my table in the foyer.  The other was taken to Michael's yesterday and its a Halloween theme (both of these are Prairie Schooler) so will be ready for next year.  The one I'm currently working on is a fall sampler and so far really liking it as well.  It's a good thing to do with the hands while doing a little Netflix binge watching!  LOL ugh

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stars on Autumn Lane QAL

When this was first posted, I knew I'd have to make that quilt.  LOVE fall colors and this one fits the bill.  But I'm always several steps behind and I've been working to finish a couple of small cross-stitch pieces so I can get them framed.  That finally happened (the finishes) so I started cutting the pieces for the star block and actually got ONE pieced (yes, that's pathetic, I know).  I'm making mine a tad larger since the pieces are 4.5" to start ending with a 16.5" block as opposed to the original 12.5".

I need to dig through the ginormous stash to add more variety.  I've certainly got enough to mix it up a little more, just need to get to it!  Here's the link in case anyone else is interested (it shows the final product).

Saturday, October 7, 2017


I found a couple of quilts hanging in the closet that had been quilted but not yet bound.  I finished one today (woohoo) but would NEVER have remembered when it was made or who quilted it for me.  Fortunately on these two, I'd made the label and pieced it into the back prior to quilting.  I really need to do that for all that I make since I'm so bad about labeling my quilts.

It's been washed and is laying in the yard drying as we speak.  I'll bring it in before it's all the way dry and finish it up in the dryer.  This one was made in 2010 entirely from my stash and I could easily probably make 30 more just like it without making much of a dent 😕  This one as well as any others I finish will be donation quilts since, sadly, my kids couldn't give a flip about my quilts.  Oh well, their loss I guess.

State Fair of Texas!!

I took my two great nephews (the rugrats) to the fair a couple of days ago and it just about wore me out!!  It was VERY hot and the fair is HUGE!!  But then I'm also outta shape and really need to do something about it.  Maybe when it cools down some, I'll make an effort to step it up.

Of course a couple of goofy photos

There were some really pretty garden areas with sculptures in areas of the fairgrounds.  This was made entirely of railroad spikes (ruggies obscuring most of the sculpture).


#1 rug played a game and won a drone for his brother.  How sweet!
#2 rug didn't quite make it up the ladder before it flipped on him!
Getting ready for the day they turn 16 (Lord help us all!).
Chilling while Aunt Beady was looking at mattresses.

Cute display of lots of umbrellas over an eating area.  Mostly I was too tired to take many photos and it was so late in the day before I found the bldg. with the quilts and such that I didn't even want to look.  You KNOW it was bad when that was the case.  Oh well.....

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

NEVER fails!

There's always something that causes me to take longer than it should to finish putting the pieces together 😕 and usually it's because I sew something wrong.  I had two rows in upside down (one of the rows included Mickey's face!!) and had to take it out and re-do it.  Well, now it's put together correctly and I need to pick out a border.

When everyone was doing the 365, I wasn't interested initially.  But then at some point, I decided I would do it but probably not 365 and NOT small blocks.  My backgrounds are 6 1/2" and it's 10 X 12 so I guess I did about 1/3 of a year's worth.  And I knew I wanted to finish this as a donation quilt so I used lots of  "I Spy" type fabrics.  Pretty happy with how many different prints are in there although not all are worthy to be called "I Spy" type (LOL).  Hopefully some kid will enjoy the heck out of it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Circles, rows and fall

Have been working (very) slowly on my row by rows and made a quick 90 degree turn back to the circles.  I had finished the applique on the last few circles and wanted to begin the assembly.  The circles are on 6.5" squares and it will be 10 x12 so 60 x 72 before border..will be a good donation quilt I think.

And then I decided to put a fall quilt in the entryway (not sure why I bother since probably no one will see it).  But at least there's a little fall in the house.