Sunday, December 9, 2018

Yet another

Another of my quilts awarded to Jack,  a vet from the Korean war (he's also in my Sunday School class).  I need to get busy and make more of these quilts for someone local or I'll send to Alycia in Colorado.  She has a busy, BUSY QOV group.

Two of my recent row by row blocks

Saturday, December 1, 2018


I have no excuses for not posting.  As I said last comment, it's been too long and now it's REALLY been too long.  A friend and I took a little trip in June to Austria and Switzerland, swerving into a bit of Italy (been there), Germany (need to see more) and Lichtenstein.  It was absolutely gorgeous and we had pretty much perfect weather.

By the time we got home, Row by Row had already begun (and was something I said LAST year I wasn't going to do this year).  If I hadn't looked to start with, none of this would've happened.  I spent a ton of dough and got a lot more rows but at least I've been better at getting them done.  Problem is I still don't have ONE row by row quilt yet.  good grief 😒  Just gonna share photos of a few of the rows--don't wanna bore anyone.

Lots of the ones I've gotten will fit into the 'themes' I had going from the past couple of years, others will be a new 'theme' and the rest will just go into hodge podge quilts.

And then I got to thinking about some others things that need finishing up (as if there's EVER any end to those projects) and decided to set a very small goal for next year.  With Bonnie's newest mystery in the early stages, it reminds me once again of the one and only Bonnie mystery I ever did--Easy Street.  It's pretty much done just waiting for borders, backing and quilting.  So I'm doing quarterly goals with Easy Street as one, getting ONE row by row quilt together, finishing up my Plus and Crosses (I think that's what they were called) blocks done and in a quilt and my Big Nines done and in a quilt as well.  Sounds easy enough but things rarely go as I plan.

Monday, May 21, 2018


It's been quite awhile since I posted on my neglected blog.  I've been going in different directions for awhile and haven't gotten much in the way of sewing done at all.  But just this morning, I got out my red, white and blue to hang for the summer and the holidays coming up!

First, my cute little patriotic pineapples.  I love this little wallhanging and think it fits just about perfect in the spot I made it for--the entryway!

Next is hanging in the living room (taking the place of one of my major faves, the botanical quilt).  This is Jan Patek's pattern and while the kids are dressed like it's winter, the FLAGS stand out the most and will hang most of the summer I think.  Love this one, too, and glad I'm able to hang them for the first time.  YAY!

Saturday, April 14, 2018


This is a project (among many others) that I've been working on lately that hopefully I can get done and send to Little Lambs with the H2H project

They've asked that these be small enough and thin enough to be stuffed in a backpack (the suggestion is to use flannel for batting).  I'm still thinking I'll add a small border just to contain all the edges of the strips.

I love string quilts and have several different settings that I've saved.  I really need to make more of them, sooner rather than later.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Friends day

Today, a group of gals went to the GW Bush Presidential Library in Dallas.  I'd been before but right now there's a special exhibit about the first ladies.  It was not a terribly impressive exhibit but I did learn some interesting stuff about Dolly Madison.  She was a snuff user and continued during her time as first lady!  HA  She was also a trend setter in the silk turban department.  Odd.

And apparently Wed. is school day at the presidential library...UGH!  LOTS of kids but most were very well behaved.  Just a few photos from today...

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Went chasing wildflowers

My niece was the chauffeur for my sister and I and drove us down to Ennis, TX to see some gorgeous wildflowers.  Our state flower is the bluebonnet and the red beauties are Indian paintbrush.  SO gorgeous en masse

I'm still working on the bunnies but also got a few of these done for other WIPs/UFOs

The string blocks are 11" so I'm thinking 4X4 would be a good size for H2H "Little Lambs" (I think) kids charity.  They want smaller quilts that can fit in a backpack and suggested using flannel instead of batting.  Will check with the longarm quilter about flannel.

And finally
He is risen indeed.  Happy Easter!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Honest opinion needed

You've seen them sans tails; whaddaya think of tails added?  The jury's out here but just wondering what others think.  I thought it might be cute so I just whipped this one out and laid it on (it's not permanent 😀).  So what do YOU think?