Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another completion

This was one of the ones I mentioned that merely needed binding added to finish it up and now..IT'S DONE!  Not sure what will become of it but it could be a baby quilt, could be a table topper--hmmm.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I've seen in a couple of places in blogland where there's a group trying to get quilts to the COMPLETELY finished stage by putting binding on.  Wasn't sure I had anything needing the binding but I had 'crap' in the bottom of my closet and pulled it out this morning.  WHOA!  Five quilts (some are Schnibbles but still) needing just binding.  I already had paper pinned to each one telling me how many strips I needed for each.  So that will be a project.

Also was looking for the blocks to go with the Quilt Doodles BOM from last year and found what I think are all that I'd finished.  Looks like I'm missing a couple of months so may hafta bite the bullet and buy those from the designer.  This is what the finished quilt looks like--

I think it's absolutely adorable and really want to get it done.  So that will be in the works as well!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's done..maybe.  I'm still trying to decide if it needs one more border.  Those little side borders were cut 1.5" per the blog instructions so would be 1" (if I'm lucky) after the binding is stitched on.  I'll decide and either do it or not, get a backing made then off to the longarmer.  I have a civil war repro top that'll be my next finish it up project.  It really just needs a couple of borders and backing, YAY!

I also have one more donation quilt ready to go--just needs a backing pieced before going off to quilter so will get that done.  Maybe the rest of the quilt that goes along with the snowman faces will be the next I'll tackle.  We'll see as things are ALWAYS subject to change around here especially since it looks like we're going to have a string of 60 degree days coming up.  I can't WAIT!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another one almost finished

I've been working on the Spell It With Moda Fabric alphabet quilt that they did as a designer blog hop awhile back.  I've had the letters completed for some time so just needed to put the sashing units on each letter and make the little extra filler blocks.  I've got ONE filler left today and the final assembly and this will be another flimsy ready for the longarmer.  I think it will look cute hanging on the wall as a 'back to school' time quilt.  How's it lookin'?

DANG!  There's a shadow on the left.  Oh well.  If you look closely and with a discerning eye (HA!), I coordinated some of the letters with colors or fabric to match the letter (B has a bunny AND it's blue, there are fish in the F fabric, O is orange, etc--aren't I clever?  Not really).  I'll probably finish it up tomorrow and will take a completed picture then.  I think I'm moving at a decent pace getting some UFO's done.  We'll see how long that continues.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jelly roll quilt

I finished another top and just need to get busy and get the back made.  Will get that accomplished today.  This one turned out 66X72 and that was just about the same size as the snowball quilt, which was finished and backing made!!  WOOHOO!!  Think this one looks more like a women's shelter prospect than a QOV.  What do you think?
I've got the brown 'roman stripe' top that I'll measure and see if it needs borders.  If so, will get those taken care of in the next day or so and then move onto another red, white and blue quilt I started in a long ago workshop with Lyn Roddy Brown.  That one's for me!!  It will be my 4th of July quilt and maybe this one will actually get done BEFORE the holiday rolls around again!!  LOL

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reminder to ME!

I've wanted to do this quilt ever since the book came out.  I LOVE this quilt!!  Everytime I see a photo of it, it reminds me yet again how much I want to make it.  Bonnie has been teaching for a week over in the Plano/McKinney area and this was one of the last class projects before she moves on to AZ.  AGAIN the picture.  After I finish a few more UFO's, this will be the project I start.  LOVE IT!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Working on UFO's

After completing the two most recents and taking them to the longarmer, I decided the next thing I'd work on was one of the UFO's I posted about in my 2014 wrap up. 

I'm REALLY tempted to keep this one but it will most likely become a QOV.  Think I'll put two more vertical rows and one or two more horizontal then possible a border.  That should make it large enough to cover any vet, no matter what size he or she is!