Saturday, March 17, 2018

Red sky at night

Sailor's delight..right?  That's what I heard and we had a beaut last night

and I finished a 2nd row (think this was from 2014 or 15?  grrr)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Antique mall visit

I saw a cute idea for a spring-y centerpiece on Lisa Bongean's blog and wanted to be a copycat.  So I ran over to the antique mall to look for an enamelware piece (to no avail 😕).  But I did see this beauty

MAN, that's an UGLY hand!!  But just wanted to show how small the hexies were.  I didn't open it up to see if I could find the price tag.  It was a beauty!!

And then I found this quilt for $35 so it came home with me.

Pretty sure it's not an oldie but I like the blue/white combo.  It's been washed and dried so ready to go (and let me tell you, I needed this like I needed another hole in my head!!).

I've been VERY slowly working on another row by row and it's almost there but not done so I'll wait to show it.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Row by row

I belong to a facebook group that involves actually finishing the row by rows we've bought in the past.  What a concept!!  Actually finishing the rows we've invested big bucks in!  😁  But they've now started a challenge (like to spur us on even more..LOL).  It finally got the best of me and I had to jump in and finish ONE so they didn't make me look quite so bad.

So I got this one done and those balloon fabrics all had to be stitched together, it's not the fabric.  That chevron one was giving me fits but its done and I LIKE it!  Now I need to do another one so I'll feel a tad better about my lack of row by rowing!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spring is springing

Spring is beginning to come along nicely and I'm SO EXCITED!!  I hate the cold so I've been ready for this since last November.  We did have last night and will have tonite temps in the upper 30's but the days have been nice and warm.  LOVE IT!!

In the course of weeding out stacks and stacks of quilt books (not sure what I will do with all of them yet 😒), naturally I've run across some oldies but goodies!!  This was one of them 
and I still love it so it's my intention to begin making pieces and parts of it.  I already had the flying geese rows traced onto paper for paper piecing and some of the applique parts had their templates made.  I'll probably lighten it up some.  I will keep you apprised of my (most likely slow) process.  HA

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ready for the 4th!!

YAY!  I got this back from the longarmer's a couple of days ago and got jiggy with it!  HA  I REALLY wanted this puppy done before it disappeared (like the Valentine quilt).  Miraculously I found enough of the fabric used for the border to also make the binding (I am NOT one of those crazy organized quilters that do that in advance...😒).  So this one, along with the patriotic pineapple, will be ready to hang come Memorial Day right on through Veteran's day.  And I really love this one.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More pillowcases

And again, these were 'found' in one of the bedrooms where too much sewing/quilting accumulates! There were 16 finished in this pile (no clue how they were going to get donated laying in there!!) and a few more not yet begun.  So I've already got a good pile of still to be sewn pillowcases and need to get those fnished up in addition to the last QOV.  I'm spending entirely too much time couch potato-ing watching the Olympics (loved the little Shib sibs, too cute!).

Monday, February 19, 2018

Ahhh, it's done

I don't know what took me so long because Amanda made hers in a day.  Obviously it's been much longer on my end but it (the top) is done and measures 69x78.  I know one reason mine took longer is my pitiful sewing skills.  Even though all blocks were using 3.5" strips and all sewed on the same machine and all (I thought) were the same seam allowance, they weren't going together nicely so I took apart what was already together, trimmed the blocks uniformly and sewed them back together again.  That is SO annoying but it's better (not perfect) now.  The back will be made and then off to the longarmer.  One more to go....

I've been watching the Olympics and just hoping we'd do better in some of the areas but it's all good.  I'd admire Olympians and all they've put into getting there.  My son is off today so we're off to see Black Panther!  I've wanted to see that since it was first mentioned (but then those 'comic inspired' movies are some of my faves).