Sunday, July 5, 2020

America, Something to Crow About

I’ve had this Out On A Limb pattern for I don’t know how long.  Every now and then, I’d run across it when shuffling through stuff and think ‘I really need to make this. I like it so much!’.  That start commenced several weeks ago and I’d work on it in fits and starts.  I finally got it to the point of needing one last side border and there it sat.  Then I got 2 parts of that last border together and it sat.  This morning I finally got the border together and sewed it on.  Then I held it up just prior to ironing and... s$&t what the h@/l etc!!!  I sewed that last border on upside down and ya know what?!  It’s stayin that way!!  (The 3 stars on the upper left were SUPPOSED to be in the lower left..ugh)

And I've been busy working on some more of the row by rows/Quilter's Trek (only the 2nd one is from a previous year, the rest are 2020 rows).

I have so many 'themes' that I've been working on through this row by row adventure.  Each of these will fit into one of those.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Yet again

It's been quite awhile since my last post!  My intentions are usually good but then it doesn't get done.  Anyway, to start, THIS is the color of the original hardy hibiscus that the seeds came from.  At the old house, they were ALL just like this.  So when I started these and they finally got to the blooming stage, I was shocked (and much dismayed because I love THIS color) to find that white with just a tinge of pink.  Oh well, I got one maroon and maybe I'll start a few more seeds to see what I get!
AND I got yet another baby rag quilt done.  I need to go back and count to see how many so far this year (awright, I went back and counted through the posts this year and pretty sure this is #10!!  So only 2 more to hit my goal if I counted right).
Then there were a few more row by rows--still need to get a top put together.  The 'new and improved' row by row is now called quilter's trek and this year's color is blue.  Most I've seen I'm not crazy about as they're just like one big quilt block in shades of blue.  There are shops who've designed outside the lines and I'm liking a few of those so SOME may be bought this year but, thank HEAVENS, not as many as in years past!!  I need to continue working on what I already have here!

My friend and I took a quick road trip a couple of weeks ago.  I decided awhile back that I wanted to make it a mission to visit every state capital in the US.  I've been to every state but not every capital so plans are to make that happen and I'm documenting it in another blog.  We visited Austin, TX almost 2 months ago and this time around did Okla. City, Topeka, KS, Jefferson City, MO and Little Rock, AR.  It was a quick 5 days but good to get away for a little bit.  So that's 5 capitals down and FORTY FIVE to go!  YIKES!

Monday, June 8, 2020


First, I just had to document my hardy hibiscus.  These are aggravating in a way as they are from seeds from some bushes I had at the old house that were ALL a maroon color.  I LOVED them and they were SO showy!  So I started these a few years back, planted them in my garden and was SO SHOCKED when I got these pink-tinged blooms (pretty sure I've posted about these weirdos in the past).
The bush is covered in blooms but they only last a day or two.  There is another that, as I recall, came out a little closer to the original 'mother plant' color.  But that one's not blooming out yet.  We'll see...
And FINALLY!!  I got this stack of pillowcases across the finish line!  There are 16 various and sundry prints in here from Christmas to sports, dogs to fish, western and plain jane.  A couple are patriotic and I have two QOVs to finish up so those will go nicely with the quilts!

Think I'll go do some mindless sewing on another rag quilt.  The stuff on the news is stressing me out going straight from virus news to non-stop demonstrations.  Must find other stuff to watch...

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

row by row

I've been working on some row by rows once again.  I got this first one recently when I ordered fabric online from a shop in Mississippi (can't remember the name) and this kit was half off.  Such a deal (and pretty cute, too, IMHO)
People have been selling rows they purchased but then decided not to make.  I LOVED this whale when I saw another gal had included it in her Hawaii quilt.  This one is from Maui.

This one I've had for awhile and it was laying out so I grabbed it and got it put together.
I was in one of my 'overflow' sewing rooms and trying to clear off the top of the bed.  I uncovered 5 kits.  Good grief..this was one (and bunny still needs whiskers and eyes stitched).  Camping/RV was one of my numerous themes.
And I recently bought this one from a gal purging her row by row stash..this will go in my sailboat quilt (if it ever gets done).  This is something I really need to focus on is getting at least a couple of tops together.  That would make me feel at least a little better.
This year, they've really switched up row by row and now it's become quilter's trek or something like that.  I'm really glad that so far I've only seen maybe 3 or 4 that I even liked.  WHEW!

In the garden and #7

I've always got WAAYY too many projects in the works and flit from one to the other to the other and so on.  I've been working on the cute little blocks, I've got a patriotic piece from Out on a Limb in the works, another project using 2 1/2" squares, a couple of QOV's as well as the ongoing rag quilts, two of which are boxed up to be mailed to Little Lambs in UT as part of the Hands 2 Help project.
Just wanted to share a couple of beauties from the garden while I'm posting.  I have a picture of two little owls that I spotted last night while out in the yard.  They were so cute just sitting on the cable line.  If I find it, I'll get it in here.
And the latest rag quilt finish, July's #7 so I'm on track and hoping to stay there with this anyway.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More cute little blocks

I dug around a little in the stash and found a few cute prints to use in the wonky blocks.  I KNOW I have more..just requires more digging.  But I had more 'pressing' issues today.  My iron quit last night (ARGH) and then this morning my phone was apparently toast.  It was an iphone 7 after all and it had served me well.  First place I ran this morning was the Verizon store.  I was the first one in fortunately as I got their last phone--HAHA!!  It's an 11 with 128 gb so not one of the thousand dollar phones, thank heavens!   Only after I had procured my phone did I head for Walmart to get my new iron.  PLEASE don't let anything break for a month (knock on wood).

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Cute new block

I've been meaning to try this since Kyle posted it on her site.  A quick and easy way to get cute blocks made two at a time!!  This would be a great way to get some donation quilts done!!  Here are my first two....

I'll be excited to get some more made and hopefully some will be wonkier than others!!  Mine squared up to 8".