Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I was zipping home from dinner this evening and ALMOST home when this beautiful house caught my eye so I had to go around the block for a better look and a picture.  It was so cool that all the windows were outlined.

But then, as I was going around the block, I spotted this one!!!  Talk about mega lights (and I'm betting a mega electric bill!).

The first picture is just beautiful and classy.  The second is like 'can we cover ALL the bases and make people stop and stare' kinda display.  I did stop and stare and think they did cover all the bases.  There's a guy around the corner from me that did a Halloween display to music and now he has a Christmas one.  I'll have to try and get a video.  (I really should've zoomed in a little more to get the full effect..oh well)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

just a quickie

I've barely been doing anything quilt related but a little so that's all you'll get today.  I'm still SLOWLY working on my fall disappearing 9 patch but won't show anymore until it's ready for quilting.  But I DID see a pretty quilt and wanted to make a few blocks as a reminder.  And this is what I've done--

I know..woohoo.  But that's all I got right now.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A wonderful day of family, food and fun

We had such a fun day yesterday with lots of yummy food (my son even made his own turducken like turkey except it was a turchickage..turkey, chicken and sausage).  As always, WAY too much food and tons of leftovers.  We really need to cut back on our dishes and only one or two desserts!

We took our serious and silly pictures and had a couple of good ones

And then we played this hilarious game where you had to put this piece in your mouth (NO, we DIDN'T have to share, we each had our own), try to read from a card and everyone was supposed to guess what your were saying.  It was SO FUNNY..we were dying laughing.  Of course, P's and B's seemed to be among the hardest.  My elder son, my nephew and me (I look like I was REALLY trying to convince someone of something..HA).

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 This would be such a cute table runner on the holiday table but I don't hostess anymore.  That's been turned over to the younger peeps.  YAY!  We'll be having Thanksgiving at number one son's and my designated dishes to bring are the ham and sweet potato casserole.  I'm cooking the ham this evening in the crockpot and will take it over in a foil pan and just reheat.  WOOHOO!
I love this little quilt and most likely have the pattern SOMEWHERE as I bought most of her patterns (she had a monthly set of them and they are all adorable).  Maybe one of these days I'll make a couple of them.

But then there's STILL my turkey quilt yet to be finished.  I love that one too and need to make it a priority to get it done!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Little French Key (Honduras)

Our port of call was Roatan in Honduras but I went over to Little French Key.  It's a beautiful private little island and has gorgeous beach areas, lot of chairs, hammocks, loungers, etc. in sun, shade or some of each.  They have snorkeling, paddleboards, horses to ride, kayaks, etc.  They even have a small 'zoo' of sorts but most were not exotic--there were goats, chickens and roosters, bunnies.  Stuff we see on farms, at the fair, etc.  There was a leopard but think he went into his house before I got a picture.  There were 3 of these little fellows and they looked so lonely.  No clue why each was in a cage all by himself.  There was this one who interacted more than the other two.

Doesn't he look a little sad?

This is the area where we docked--think this is owned by Carnival and there was a chair lift you could hop over to the free beach.  I should've just done that.  Would have been much cheaper than Little French Key.  Oh well...

I spotted this on the other side of the ship.  No clue what happened here!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I promise I'll get back to some quilting content before too much longer but for me, I want to keep track of travels and quilts!  So you must suffer along if you want.  Our next stop was Belize and we took a GREAT excursion to the ruins at Xunantunich (don't ask me how to pronounce it).  They were beautiful and one HUGE pyramid.  In order to get to the ruins we had to take a little hand-cranked ferry across a very small river (no clue why they don't just build a small bridge).

GROSS!  A termite nest in the tree!!
Did I climb up there?  Uh, NO--they didn't have handrails back then.  Besides, I don't think my knee would've made it up very far.  I do need to remember to take my walking stick with me when I travel.

The little hand-cranked ferry across the river.

This tour took ALL DAY..we got off the ship and straight to the bus, driving 2 hours to get to the ruins.  Got off, spent about an hour or so at the ruins, back on the bus, drove to a restaurant for a meal, back on the bus driving non-stop back to the ship.  Not even a few minutes to shop as when we arrived back at the port we were hurried onto the tender since we were among the last back onboard.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I didn't get many pix in Cozumel I guess because we've been there so many times.  I think next time I would just like to do an all-over tour to see the entire island.  
My aim is to always try to find one cache in each port.  I fail more often than not but this was the one port I DID make a find.  WOOHOO!  This pix was taken to send to the cache owner as proof that I found it since I didn't have a pen with me to sign the log.
And this was a bunch of the ship staff setting up for the Seuss bash.  I've never figured out the whole Carnival/Seuss collaboration but there's lots of Seuss stuff on every cruise!  I didn't attend--off doing something else!