Friday, September 5, 2008

another day hoppin' and cachin'

This morning, Donna and I continued our shop hop journey without Miss Patty :0( Our buddy had another journey to make so we traveled on without her. First thing, we headed up to Gainesville to start the day.

THEN we headed to a little cemetary in Gainesville where I introduced Donna to the world of geocaching. She found TWO caches in the same cemetary and can no longer be called a 'muggle'. HA

Onward and upward, we continued our hopping and found ourselves at the wonderful Lone Star quilt shop in Arlington where we found a beautiful rendition (and MY personal favorite) of the shop hop quilt.

At our visit to Quilter's Dream in Colleyville, what did we find
but our guild's BEAUTIFUL raffle quilt. Sure hope the gals
were able to sell LOTS of tickets today (and I want to sell a lot
MORE when I sit with the quilt tomorrow). Isn't she a beauty?
We finished the hop today after visiting 15 shops. Didn't keep track of the miles but it was lots of fun, mostly due to the company. And meeting several familiar faces along the way made it even more enjoyable.

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Eileen said...

WOW what a georgous Raffle quilt. You ought to do well with that one.

Shop Hoping is fun with the right company.j