Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last night, our guild had their Christmas dinner/meeting and, as usual, it was very enjoyable. Attendance was light, as it usually is, but we had a great time and some wonderful food! One of the bees made our little table decorations and those were given as door prizes at the end of the evening. I WON (along with 12 others, I believe) so thought I'd post a photo. One of the bee member's DH is a woodworker and he made the little quilt frames then the bee members made the quilts to go on the frame. I know it's hard to see in the picture but there's a tiny spool of thread and a needle in the quilt top, just as if the quilter got up from the frame after a time of quilting. Isn't it ADORABLE?!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

HALLELUJAH!! I finished one of the red, white & blue tops!! Yes, I know, it DOES look just like the Home of the Brave quilt (only a little larger). I LOVE these blocks for donation quilts as you trim them all to the same size and don't have to compensate for various and sundry sized blocks! Now hopefully I can get the other top finished up tomorrow and then on to the backings. But at least I'll have SOMETHING to show at guild next Tues. These are coming out about 68X84 so a nice size for the Fisher House, methinks. I'm sure they'll keep a veteran warm!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My class at church had their annual Christmas auction for missions last Sat. evening and women in the class sign up to decorate a table. They're always SO beautiful (way more so than the one pictured) and I wanted to show you mine. Now, mind you, I'm am NOT talented in ANY decorating way so this is pretty much as good as it gets! I thought it was kinda cute and already have an idea for next year. And we did raise around $6,000 so that was a GOOD thing!
Instead of working on the two red, white & blue quilts for the Fisher House, I got another Home of the Brave put together. I know, you're probably getting sick of seeing these but I LOVE them!! And just knowing who they go to makes me love them even MORE!! I shipped 6 to our state coordinator (one of them, anyway) a few weeks ago and she told me 5 were gone already and maybe all 6 by now! So hopefully today, I'll get a little more decorating done (I have 3 trees up and I'm stopping there!) and then get busy on the Fisher House quilts since I want to show them at guild next week.....GULP!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

GOOD GRIEF, it's been such a LONG time since I've posted ANYTHING, quilty or otherwise. And I haven't been THAT busy!! Just didn't feel like I had anything to blog/post pix about! OK, that's gotta STOP! So here's my latest project, the mystery quilt that Beverly's been doing over at Quilter's Dream in our Quilt Sitters meetings. This was a 3 month mystery and I did a pretty good job of keeping up with each month's steps (if I DO say so myself! HA). Then I decided to make it a tad bigger so added a few more blocks and TA DA! I think son #2 likes it so will probably just have it quilted in an allover meander (but will see what Julie thinks) and he can have it for his 'collection'. I've also been putting together two quilts for the Fisher House over in Dallas. Guild members made the blocks (quite some time ago!) and I'm putting them together. Have also been busy with my church 'bee' making lots of donation quilts (Home of the Brave, etc) so I HAVE been sewing. Will post pix of those once I have the borders on.