Thursday, December 31, 2009


Out with the old year and in with the new..hope it's full of wonderful, special memories, good health, lots of time with friends and family and doing what you love.

Monday, December 28, 2009

And here's the pincushion.  ISN'T IT CUTE?!!  I put a container of needles in the little pouch where your thimble would go.  ADORABLE!

We had our Dear Jane group today and had our belated Christmas party.  All during the year, at each of our meetings,  if we've completed a DJ block, we put our name in the pot.  If we've done 5, we get our name in twice.  Then, at the Dec. meeting, our fearless leader, Barb, draws names and gives away little prizes.  Only thing is you MUST be present to WIN!!  So, we ate our goodies, showed our show and tell and patiently waited for Barb to draw names.  The two pix above are Jane showing off her in progress DJ (she has all the blocks done and is putting it together) and Barb with her little 'challenge' project which is now going to be a class at Quilter's Dream (she was still putting the flower center buttons on).  We even had a visitor today, Charlotte all the way from New Hampshire, who stopped in for some inspiration.  It was a fun day and Barb had lots of cute little goodies.  I won the most DARLING pincushion made by one of our group members which I will post a pix of later.  She is SO talented and has done a number of adorable patterns.  I LOVE my pincushion!!  It even has a little pocket to hold your thimble.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow....

Well, if this woulda waited ONE MORE DAY we could've had a white Christmas!!  But it most likely will be gone tomorrow because it's SUPPOSED to be 42 for a high.  My niece and her family got in from San Diego last night just in the nick of time.  I heard they had around 150 flight cancellations today!!  WHOA!!  So everyone will be over here this evening and again tomorrow (some will just just stay over as this is their 'home away from home').  We had just about an hour of power outage this afternoon but it's back on now so hopefully we're good to go now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with family and/or friends and has much to be thankful for this beautiful season.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Quiltsitters Christmas party

We had our annual Quiltsitters Christmas party today and these are samples of some of the upcoming classes.  I REALLY like the 'cracked pots' by Miss Rosie and, even though our guild show is coming up in April, I THINK I'm going to have to sign up for this one!!  LOVE that Dresden plate quilt; in fact, they're all BEAUTIMOUS!!

           We had very little show and tell today PROBABLY due to the holiday season (YA THINK?!! LOL) but this beauty was shown by Susan F.  She just used her scraps and I REALLY want one of my own.  MUST GET BUSY!!

Now this is my DARLING Mr. Fang all dressed up for the holidays.  Doesn't he look THRILLED AND EXCITED to be in costume as the jolly old fellow?!!  HAHA  We really had to work quickly to get this shot.  Poor old Fang, he's so mistreated.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Anyone recognize this?

It's a Christmas tree skirt I started a gazillion years ago and have looked and looked for the pattern but canNOT for the life of me find it!!  I thought maybe it was a Blackbird pattern and even emailed them but never got a definitive answer.  I've gone through ALL their books that I have here at the house and still NOTHING!  There's really not a lot to it but I'd really like to finish up what I started.  SO if you recognize this from ANYTHING you've seen, couldja please let me know where you saw it (IF you remember--LOL).  I know I won't get it finished for this year but next year would be has been waiting for a long time already so what's another year!!  Thanks a bunch!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

two in one day

This past Friday was my 'baby's' 22nd birthday and we were out today celebrating with a birthday dinner.  Thought I'd share a photo of my 3 guys--DH, elder son (who's trying to look sly or something and is THIRTY FOUR!!  YIKES) and the birthday boy.

       Someone had posted a photo of their pet finding the little patch of sunshine to snooze in and I thought it was cute so thought I'd copy.  This is my little Fangster napping in his favorite patch.  Looks can be deceiving, however, as he's not as peaceful and docile as this photo might appear!! LOL


 It's been a LOONNGG time since my last post but it's been due to issues with uploading photos on my new laptop.  I don't know if it's because the Canon software isn't 'talking' to Windows 7 or what but I had to revert to the old laptop to do anything.  The new desktop isn't cooperating either so I'm thinking it's the software/not talking thing.  Anyway, it's been frustrating and I just shoulda done this a long time ago.  We had Frieda Anderson at our last guild meeting and I took her workshop.  This was our project and where mine is at the present.  It's been set aside in favor of holiday cooking/baking/decorating and will most likely wait til the first of the new year.  Frieda's website is and she does the most GORGEOUS hand dyes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A really CUTE little backpack and it can be all YOURS just for visiting over here and leaving a nice little comment (or NOT and increase MY chances of winning! LOL).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

another 'Bonnie' finish!!

Finally got the borders on my strip twist quilt (pattern courtesy of Bonnie Hunter, and I have to say I love the way it turned out!!  My goal is to get  4-5 projects ready and take them ALL to the longarmer at once!  She can do them at her leisure and I'll pick em up as they're done.  A few of these projects will be 'secret and unrevealable' as they'll be show entries and I like to keep them under wraps until the show.  This one, of course, doesn't happen to be one of those! LOL 

Friday, November 6, 2009

There's a really nice giveaway going on here so be sure to get on over and get your entry in.  It's for the fabric pictured to the left there and I can think of at least TWO things right now I could use it for!!  Good luck!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thought I'd share a few photos from our day (so far) at Disney.  We're back at the room momentarily checking on football scores and resting our feet then we'll be back at it.  I'm wondering if the 'guy' in the photo is a Yankee or a Phillie..looks like a Phillie to me!  HA

This was a pretty setting (or so I thought anyway) over by the jungle cruise ride.
One photo from a parade going down Main Street.
A little Halloween message as we were leaving the park (Disney thinks of EVERYTHING, don't they?!!)

Friday, October 30, 2009


It's a wee bit early but we're headin' for Disneyworld in the morning and I know I won't have a chance so thought I'd wish you ALL a HAPPY HALLOWEEN while I'm thinking about it.  Disney is really fun at Halloween as so many are dressed up and the kids trick or treat around the parks.  We're only there til Tues. and the weather looks like it'll cooperate so I'm looking forward to it (specially a whirl or two on the Rock N Roller coaster--I LOVE that ride!!).

Will try to post a pix or two while we're there. 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dismembered digits!!

Reni and I made some Halloween cookies for her to take to a party tomorrow night.  Cute but they could've been better.  I found the recipe over at Krista's blog.  Learned a couple of things with this first batch--check the cookies at about 18 min. to prevent over-browning (kinda detracts from the 'green-ness') and, when you move onto the 2nd batch, be sure the dough is good and refrigerated so that they don't become overly FAT!!  They're still cute and she's looking forward to serving them up at the par-tay.

Latest project

Here's a little project I've been working on and finally got it all put together.  Now to just get the backing and will deliver to the LA'er.  I LOVE the colors and purchased the kit from Quilter's Paradise online.  Just an easy, mindless-kinda project which I really love..nothin' stretchin' my brain too bad.  LOL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here's YOUR chance to win one of these fantastic gifties from Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works.  You can go for one entry up to FOUR!!  It's all up to you.  Good luck to each and every one of you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Aacckk, I just remembered I didn't post the rest of my class photos from Houston!!  What a SLOUCH! lol
Anyway, they were ALL fun and I fully intend to finish each of the projects I started.  HOWEVER, I've been in 'try to finish it up mode' on other projects that were waiting at home before I even THOUGHT about the Houston projects!  We've been working like MAD to finish as many items for our 'Jingle & Mingle' sale at church to raise money for our quilting group and I'm STILL hooked on those little luggage tags.  LOVE EM!

OK, without further adieu, here are photos from the "Spin Around NY" and "Accidental Landscapes" classes...

Monday, October 19, 2009

WOW!!  RUN, don't WALK, over to Pumpkin Patch Primitive Quilt Shop's blog and sign up for their fantastic giveaway!!  Be sure to tell her I sent you!

AND I've uploaded some of my Houston photos and you can take a peek here if you'd like.  I'll get the rest up in the next couple of days.

Friday, October 16, 2009


OK, so I arrived in Houston on Wed. and checked in.  Had some time to kill til 5 when preview started!!  Got in there pretty much straight up 5 and got a ton of pix (which I will upload to webshots once I get home).  Then yesterday, I took a GREAT class with Melinda Bula (she's pictured with one of her fabulous quilts and the sunflower was our class project).  It was a blast and she is adorable!  I look forward to finishing the project once I get home.  Then today, I took a class called "Spin Around New York" with Gayle Wallace which was also an enjoyable class.  Will upload and post pix of that one in a couple of days.  Tomorrow is the class with Karen Eckmeier and is only half a day then I'll be heading home.  I've spent some bucks (most, I think, at Primitive Gatherings though I did buy a lot from Melinda--her hand dyes are FABULOUS!!).  Staying at the Hilton Americas is such a wonderful indulgement and I hope if you get to Houston, that you are able to get a room there.  So nice to be able to head back to your room if your tootsies get tired or if you just need a little power nap.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Park City Girl's Online Quilt Festival

I am participating in the Fall 2009 Quilt bloggers online quilt festival!  This is EXCITING!!  My quilt was made a few years back in a 9 mo. long class at one of our wonderful LQS'. This was back in my 'formative' years of quilting and the sample of this quilt hanging in the shop amazed and FRIGHTENED me especially when my compadre asked me to take the class with her.  YIKES, NO!!   But I relented and SO glad I did.  I learned SO MUCH with the making of this quilt.  That eagle and ALL OF HIS LITTLE FEATHERS are appliqued and I was NOT an appliquer.  But, like I said, I learned tons on this quilt and now am an
applique nut (not that I'm good, I just love it!!).

We worked on a corner or center segment each month then went home with LOTS of homework.  I did OK for the first couple of months then quickly fell behind.  They languished in a box inbetween classes and THEN, when we were getting ready to move out of state, I decided to get my rear in gear and get er done!  I finished and left it in the capable hands of my wonderful longarmer.  She did a GREAT job!

The little hands are those of my son and granddaughter and took the place of a block I did NOT want to do.  Glad I did the little hands cause they're MUCH bigger now!

I thought the little bear and bunny with the watermelon were SO cute.  Like I said previously, I was NOT an appliquer but learned lots when working on the applique in this quilt.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An old 'ugly'

While I've been really busy working on a VARIETY of projects (those little luggage tags are TOO MUCH FUN to put down!!), I haven't finished much of ANYTHING and most of the stuff I'm working on I CAN'T show you when it's finished (since it's top-secret show stuff) and I didn't want to go too long without a post so here!!  LOL  I found this while digging around in the bottom of a closet looking for something else.  This is a quilt I did a few years back for the aforementioned 'ugly fabric challenge' at the LQS.  I really liked it but don't recall that it won anything.  I need to find a place in the house to hang it so it doesn't get any more rumpled in the bottom of the closet! 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I was admiring these luggage tags the other day over at Pat's blog and thought they'd be a terrific item for our church quilt group to sell in order to raise funds for our group.  So I was asking Pat about them and she generously said she'd get the instructions to me.  Well, my GOODNESS, she sent along the most fantastic package which included not ONLY the instructions but a pre-cut template, a sample piece of the Pellon Pelltex, a couple of pieces of the vinyl (for the ID cover) plus a page of the ID thingys to copy onto heavier cardstock AND one completed luggage tag!! (the blue one with the ID  thingy in it)  I LOVE these--they're so quick and easy to make and hopefully everyone else loves them as much as I do! LOL  I found that cute little state fabric at Hobby Lobby at 30% off and thought it would be great for luggage tags but will also be making an assortment so that hopefully everyone will find two or three or four that they just can't live without!  We're also making water bottle koozies, pincushions and, maybe, burp cloths.  THANKS PAT!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Houston, here I COME!!

Are any of you going to Houston?  I've only missed one year in the last 12 or 13 and have been able to stay at the Hilton Americas (attached TO the convention center) for the last 3.  It is SO wonderful to be able to get there and just park your car and LEAVE IT!  If you get pooped, you can walk across to the hotel and prop up your feet or take a little nap.  I've signed up for 3 classes--one with Melinda Bula, one with Gayle Wallace and one with Karen Eckmeier.  Melinda's class is the sunflower or coneflower

Gayle's is the "Spin Around New York"

and Karen's is the Accidental Landscapes-Beaches/Seaside

I am SO EXCITED I can hardly wait!!  Hope you get to go, too (if you want to, that is! lol).

Friday, September 18, 2009

I went to the Trinity Valley quilt show today in Ft. Worth and, as usual, it was a WONDERFUL show!!  SO many pretty quilts and lots of good vendors.  I've posted pictures of a few of the quilts so you can ooo, ahhhh and drool a little.  I want to make ALL of these quilts (yeah right, like THAT'LL ever happen but I can dream).  If you want to see the rest of the pictures from the show today (I didn't take pix off all the quilts..sorry), you can visit my webshots page at and they're in the TVQG quilt show album (how appropriate!  LOL)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Workshop with Lynn Roddy Brown

We had a workshop today with Lynn Roddy Brown doing the "Texas Two-Step Shuffle" (think that's the right name) and had a GREAT time.  Lynn took two blocks from each of the gals and arranged them (on left) to show us how they all played fairly nicely together! LOL  I'm doing mine in red/white(cream)/blue since I'm wanting a few quilts in those colors.  Will post a pix once it's done.