Monday, January 19, 2009

MAN!!! I have the FASTEST longarmer in the west (and probably EAST for that matter!!). I took her these 3 quilts (all whose pix have been previously posted) just last week and she emails me yesterday....they're DONE!! GOOD GRIEF! But I was VERY happy to take them off her hands. Now I gotta get busy binding!

And now I know you probably can't discern one from the next but there are ELEVEN of these cute little rag quilts that will be going off to our county hospital before too long. I LOVE buying the flannel for these puppies and my little bee helps me get them all sewn up for some little baby to snuggle in. I wanted to get a photo of them all before I take them to guild tomorrow and pass them off to our community service representative.

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JoAnne said...

ELEVEN! WOW! Oh boy, Janice and Maureen will be tickled. They're all so cute. Good job, girlfriend.