Friday, February 6, 2009

Once again, it's been FAR too long since I posted but I've been so busy working on a variety of projects with nothing completed, that I really had nothing to post! So, to prevent any more days from slipping by and no posts, I took a photo of the completed quilt that I'm doing a BOM for through my LQS/home away from home Quilter's Dream! I LIKE it!! And certainly looks easy enough. Sure hope I get this one done done. I have all the BOM's from the past still on hangers in the closet with lots of good intentions. HA NOW, I MUST get upstairs and work on a quilt that's THIS close to being done and I'd like to get it to Julie next week if at all possible.


JoAnne said...

Was the pic of your completed top or the sample at the shop? I'm confused. At any rate, it's very nice. You are way too busy!

Sherrill said...

That's the top at the shop showing everyone one option to finish their BOM's (they also had a different setting for the other color option).