Thursday, February 26, 2009

WOW!! Time just keeps flying and I'm getting a lot done, just not on any ONE project. I'm in the process of working on like 7 different scrap quilts at the moment, TRYING my hand at stash reduction (I've never been very successful in the past..oh MY!) and at the same time, trying to get our guild directory ready to go to the printer's. So hopefully, I'll have a photo to post very soon of one of my completed scrap quilts. But, in the meantime, I brought home 3 quilts from our church bee that need the binding sewn on and figured I'd post a pix of one of those. Two are HOB quilts and you've already seen a lot of those here so decided to post the camo Turning Twenty that will go to the Fisher House. Hopefully the recipient will like it and it will keep him or her warm and let them know how grateful we are to them!

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