Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've made a couple of these pillowcases in the past two days (while working on other projects). I bought enough fabric to make 8 of these and figured I'd just have them ready by the machine so that when I'm sewing, I can whip one of these out (and they really ARE that fast! LOL). Our guild works with the Pillows of Love organization ( and they provide the fabric with the verse pre-stamped on the cuff. OR you can use your own fabric and, once you've turned them in, they'll see to it that the verse gets stamped. Such a WONDERFUL organization to do this for these women and children who are in such sad circumstances. It's fun to do these in the cute, juvenile fabrics that are in such abundance these days or in some pretty, feminine prints for the ladies. Will turn these (and any others I might get made) in at guild next week.

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