Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ooo, I just LOVE surprises and I get more of them the older I get...LOL! As I age, I find I forget more so watching a movie the 2nd or 3rd time is like seeing it for the first time as I've forgotten how most of it goes as well as how it ends! YIKES!! So as I'm cleaning up the other day, I'm finding some flimsies that have laid around for who knows HOW long and I can't remember when I made most of them. So this one is in the stack and I've decided I'll have it quilted and put in with some others to go to our local Fisher House. I've mentioned Fisher House here before but thought just in case you were wondering what that is, here's a link to fill you in-- . Oh, and Mr. Fang managed to make it in the picture as well. He's SO beautiful but SO BAD!

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Quilt Hollow said...

Donating to Fisher House is a wonderful thing! That is a very nice top!