Monday, March 9, 2009

WOW!! Isn't this a SAD looking little quilt. The colors are just...ewww! Our guild has LOTS of donation fabric and, of course, when someone donates, it's usually because THEY don't want it anymore, right? lol So our gals in charge of community service try to make it easier to use that fabric by cutting it into 'kits' so that members can just grab and go. I picked up four at last month's guild and two turned out to be just panels. This was one of the two remaining kits that had been precut so I just sat down and sewed the squares together randomly. MAN, I'm sorry but that is just UGLY! Pitiful colors. But it's DONE so hopefully SOMEONE will love it. Now, back to some better looking projects!!


JoAnne said...

Yep! You're right - that's some ugly quilt. But maybe someone will like it.

Improvedliving said...

Lol , art lies in the eye of buyer. So right.

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