Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is one of the projects I've been (slowly) working on and it's nearly complete! The only things left are the clipping (YIKES!), washing (double YIKES!!) and drying (triple YIKES!!!)--lol. It's a Four Freedoms gratitude quilt and is one of the ongoing projects untaken by Operation Quiet Comfort, a group that can be found on yahoogroups.com. They do SO many good things for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and, up til this point, I've primarily support them monetarily. But, since I AM a quilter, I thought I could help with one of these quilts. They get the denim squares signed at various venues (mine are all from Pennsylvania) and parcel them out in 'kits' to be stitched up by quilters/sewers around the country. SEW, after the clipping and all are finished, I'll pack er up and ship er to Michigan (headquarters for Operation Quiet Comfort).


Alycia said...

That is Awesome!!! And yep - you are a quilter... keep it up friend!!

JoAnne said...

You are so prolific! Keep up the good work.