Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WHOA! I've been on a binding MISSION! I absolutely DESPISE doing the machine part of attaching a binding to a quilt and, therefore, let them stack up! Well, I figured since I had the walking foot on, I'd do them ALL as well as do a baby rag quilt. There are 6 pictured that have the binding on and four more upstairs waiting. I am NOT taking the walking foot OFF til the deed is DONE! There are two or three Home of the Brave quilts in the stack as well as another that's going off to QOV. Only two will stay here with me. I don't mind the handwork part of putting bindings on..a good project for the evening while watching the boobtube. Once the walking foot is removed, I MUST finish my ugly fabric challenge so that I can get it to the longarmers. I really LIKE my ugly fabric this time around so it's not so much of a chore to work it! HA

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JoAnne said...

That's a pile of quilts you have there! I don't mind sewing the binding on unless the quilt is huge - I got lots of practice at Paula's - she loved the way I sewed it on and she liked doing the handwork.