Friday, August 14, 2009

OK, here's just a sampling of the beauties I saw today.
There's one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts called Double
Delight by Nanette Gaskey, My Georgetown Poppies by
Susan Mankus, Drunkard Blues by Valerie Salter and
Autumn in Boston made by members of the Land O
Lakes quilt guild for their 2009 raffle quilt. I'll load a few
more tomorrow by the rest are up on my webshots page
I went into J. Michelle Watts' little demo and she had
one of those shaver-looking thingys like she uses to 'rip
out' stitches. What a cool contraption, SO cool in fact that I had to RUN to her
booth and buy one. Hopefully, I won't hafta use it TOO often! LOL


Quilts And Pieces said...

Hi! Guess what! My daughter majored in airport management at Purdue. She is hoping to get a job at one of the airports there, but has considered air traffic control! Very cool!

AlessandraLace said...

I love those quilts. wonderfull.cute.amazing