Saturday, September 26, 2009

I was admiring these luggage tags the other day over at Pat's blog and thought they'd be a terrific item for our church quilt group to sell in order to raise funds for our group.  So I was asking Pat about them and she generously said she'd get the instructions to me.  Well, my GOODNESS, she sent along the most fantastic package which included not ONLY the instructions but a pre-cut template, a sample piece of the Pellon Pelltex, a couple of pieces of the vinyl (for the ID cover) plus a page of the ID thingys to copy onto heavier cardstock AND one completed luggage tag!! (the blue one with the ID  thingy in it)  I LOVE these--they're so quick and easy to make and hopefully everyone else loves them as much as I do! LOL  I found that cute little state fabric at Hobby Lobby at 30% off and thought it would be great for luggage tags but will also be making an assortment so that hopefully everyone will find two or three or four that they just can't live without!  We're also making water bottle koozies, pincushions and, maybe, burp cloths.  THANKS PAT!!!


JoAnne said...

They ARE cute! And easy, eh? I'll have to make a few when I get back from NC.

Pat said...

You are very welcome! Hope they sell like hot cakes :) Love the state fabric...very cool travel fabric.