Friday, October 16, 2009


OK, so I arrived in Houston on Wed. and checked in.  Had some time to kill til 5 when preview started!!  Got in there pretty much straight up 5 and got a ton of pix (which I will upload to webshots once I get home).  Then yesterday, I took a GREAT class with Melinda Bula (she's pictured with one of her fabulous quilts and the sunflower was our class project).  It was a blast and she is adorable!  I look forward to finishing the project once I get home.  Then today, I took a class called "Spin Around New York" with Gayle Wallace which was also an enjoyable class.  Will upload and post pix of that one in a couple of days.  Tomorrow is the class with Karen Eckmeier and is only half a day then I'll be heading home.  I've spent some bucks (most, I think, at Primitive Gatherings though I did buy a lot from Melinda--her hand dyes are FABULOUS!!).  Staying at the Hilton Americas is such a wonderful indulgement and I hope if you get to Houston, that you are able to get a room there.  So nice to be able to head back to your room if your tootsies get tired or if you just need a little power nap.

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Cut-N-Shoot Quilting Diva said...

I love Melinda! I can't wait to see what your quilt turned out like. One of these years I'll take one of the classes there.