Monday, December 14, 2009

Anyone recognize this?

It's a Christmas tree skirt I started a gazillion years ago and have looked and looked for the pattern but canNOT for the life of me find it!!  I thought maybe it was a Blackbird pattern and even emailed them but never got a definitive answer.  I've gone through ALL their books that I have here at the house and still NOTHING!  There's really not a lot to it but I'd really like to finish up what I started.  SO if you recognize this from ANYTHING you've seen, couldja please let me know where you saw it (IF you remember--LOL).  I know I won't get it finished for this year but next year would be has been waiting for a long time already so what's another year!!  Thanks a bunch!

1 comment:

JoAnne said...

Doesn't look familiar but it's cute. Just finish it! It can be your own design! Ha!