Monday, December 21, 2009

Quiltsitters Christmas party

We had our annual Quiltsitters Christmas party today and these are samples of some of the upcoming classes.  I REALLY like the 'cracked pots' by Miss Rosie and, even though our guild show is coming up in April, I THINK I'm going to have to sign up for this one!!  LOVE that Dresden plate quilt; in fact, they're all BEAUTIMOUS!!

           We had very little show and tell today PROBABLY due to the holiday season (YA THINK?!! LOL) but this beauty was shown by Susan F.  She just used her scraps and I REALLY want one of my own.  MUST GET BUSY!!

Now this is my DARLING Mr. Fang all dressed up for the holidays.  Doesn't he look THRILLED AND EXCITED to be in costume as the jolly old fellow?!!  HAHA  We really had to work quickly to get this shot.  Poor old Fang, he's so mistreated.


JoAnne said...

That cat does NOT look happy! Thanks for the chuckle!

JoAnne said...

Which quilt is cracked pots? They are all pretty.