Monday, January 18, 2010

Since I haven't posted in awhile and I've been busy trying to get quilts ready for the show in April (which I will reveal LATER), I wanted to share some LOVELY quilts from Quiltsitters this morning.

This was made by Randi and the 2nd Hunter's Star she's made using this particular technique (some specialty ruler).  She really raves about this method saying that it is a lot of sewing but the points come out really nice and everything goes together well.   Might hafta give this a try one of these days!

The next two beauties were made by Sheri and the first, in 30's repro fabrics, is definitely a showstopper in the chariman's challenge category, is a delight to behold.  The second is a major contender for the BEST OF SHOW!!  WOWZERS, what GORGEOUS BEAUTIMOUS!!  Everyone's jaw dropped when she revealed this one!

That's all for now..have a couple more from today but will save those for later.  I'm working on "Split Decision" using a jelly roll..a super easy quilt and really looks nice once you're done.  I'm really like these jelly rolls!


karenfae said...

oh I love the quilt with the black background!!

Quilt Hollow said...

Wow...these are beautiful....especially the black!