Saturday, February 20, 2010

We arrived in Florida early yesterday morning and have just been goofing around.  We're staying at Old Key West (Disneyworld) but not doing the parks this time around.  This morning, we drove to Tampa to visit the sewing & quilt expo there at the convention center.  BOY, was I disappointed!!  I knew it was a SEWING & quilt expo but was shocked at the small number of quilts there!  And NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED!  BAH!  What's THAT about?!!  Even Houston allows photos!  Oh well....

So after leaving Tampa, we drove to the 'other coast' to Vero Beach to see DH's brother and SIL.  As we're driving along, I see this sign.  WHAAAAT?!  PANTHER crossing!!  Now I've seen deer crossing, moose crossing, the general wildlife crossing but PANTHER crossing!  That just sounds SCARY to me! 

Then a little ways further down the road, I see this sign for YEEHAW JUNCTION!!  In Florida, REALLY?!  That sounds more like something I'd see back at home in Texas!  LOL  Kinda looks to me like someone's been shootin' at the sign, too!! 


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