Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We had a rag quilt-making marathon at our last church quilt group.  It was nice and the ladies were CRANKIN' em out!  There was even a newbie and not sure what her sewing experience was but she dived right in!!  Many of the gals took their projects home to complete the sewing/snipping process but this one did not.  So I brought it with me and finished it up yesterday.  SO SNUGGLY!

I have binding made for one of the quilts that will be in the show so that is one thing I'll be doing today.  I NEED to get my butt in gear and start straightening up my sewing room.  It's a NIGHTMARE!  Makes me wanna scream everytime I go in there...LOL!!

Tomorrow is our next church quilt group get-together and I have pillowcase kits all cut and ready to go using the sausage method.  I'm going to have everyone pinning as I pin and sewing as I sew on the first one then will let em loose!  Hopefully, we'll get lots of cases sewn.


JoAnne said...

I think that's Thursday, girlfriend. And I plan to be there after all. Ron's passport had expired and we didn't realize it til we tried to board the ship. They wouldn't let him on so I opted to miss the trip also and we came home. We were very disappointed but there'll be other trips.

Dee said...

That is a cute one! Remember all that flannel we bought for donation baby rag quilts, have any left? I do!!!