Thursday, March 4, 2010

No posts since arriving home but it's not for lack of stitching!!  I've been working on multiple projects all at once and, therefore, nothing completed to show.  One of my goals the past couple of years was to make like 5 quilts from my stash.  I'm working on them all at once so I don't get bored!  LOL  So hopefully I'll get them all completed about the same time and my goal will be met.  In the meantime, I figured I'd just wait to post til we had our Quilting for Christ group at church.  I KNEW I'd get some good pix there.  Today was finish up UFO's and work on bags for walkers.  JoAnne was our fearless leader and she showed us how to make the bags. 

The first photo is JoAnne with a baby quilt she finished up.  Then there's a group of ladies busy at work and JoAnne and Olivia 'modeling' the walker bags.  We made some smaller ones and a few larger ones.  They're really cute!!

And last but not least, a Home of the Brave quilt I assembled today.  It has been sitting here at home for quite some time and figured since today was UFO day, it would be a good time to finish it up.  So it will be off to the longarmer's very soon!!


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Oh, I need to be frugal and use up some of the fabric I have. I seem to buy more faster than sewing my stash. Looks like you ladies had fun and a lot accomplished.

JoAnne said...

I love the Home of the Brave top. You're right - they always turn out great.