Friday, April 30, 2010

Today was the day to pick up the next BOM at the LQS.  This one goes with the one I showed about a month ago that had pink along with the black and white.  So far I'm likin' these colors and think it's gonna be beautiful!!

AND I got motivated to put together the blocks from a BOM a few years back.  I have been VERY, VERY bad at completing what I started with these.  I have several sets on hangers in the closet and need to get some done.  So I'm starting with the Aunt Grace batch first and next plan on putting the neutrals together.  Will post when I have it closer to completion and (hopefully) will be able to mark off one of my UFO's!  That'd be AWESOME!

Then, a few nights ago as we were coming home from helping to serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald house (my Sunday School class does this once a month), I noticed the moon just coming up.  We had the RED setting sun behind us and the beautiful full moon in front of us.  So as soon as I got home, I ran outside with the camera and took a picture.  Of course, the picture doesn't even BEGIN to do it justice.  It was just BEAUTIFUL!!  (wish I'd zoomed a little more)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm guest bloggin again today over at Stash Manicure featuring these...

go check it out and see what all the 'fuss' is about (not really a fuss just a couple of ideas!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well, I had a fun LOONNGG day with two of my buddies trekking all over the metroplex on the local shop hop/spring fling!!  We headed out this morning at 8:15 on a path for Passtime Fabrics in Gainesville.  A nice shop, a few goodies later and we're headed to Kaleidoscope Quilts in Whitesboro.  LOVE THIS SHOP!  This time around, each shop was giving a pattern for either a table topper, runner or placements PLUS a fat quarter.  If you finish the shop hop, you will receive another pattern which provides for incorporation of ALL patterns into a large quilt!  Hmmmm..will letcha know tomorrrow when I finish.  After Kaleidoscope, we drove all the way the heck out to ROCKWALL (which is a HAUL) for not much of a shop.  Always disappointing.  They didn't even finish their sample table runner!!  BOO!  Then to Lone Star in Arlington, Country Stitches in Burleson, Houston St. in Granbury, Peachtree in Weatherford and Cabbage Rose in Ft. Worth.  YIKES!  Here are my two traveling buds--

Do we look any worse for wear?  This was taken at our last stop after like 10 HOURS on the road!!  That's me on the left with JoAnne and Patty.  Tomorrow or Sat., we'll each (separately) hit the final two so we can be in for the drawings. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our monthly Quiltsitters meeting was today and, as always, there were lovely quilts for show & tell.  The top left was one of the completed mystery quilts that we were doing.  I'm really not a mystery quilt kinda person..I wanna SEE what it is first and then decide if I like it well enough to make it.  Party pooper, huh?!  LOL  Oh well, that's just me--too many quilts on my bucket list as it is!!  The top right and bottom left are two of FIVE that Leslie showed today.  That woman has a BOATLOAD of quilts that she shows EVERY MONTH AND she winds up giving most of them away.  I don't know HOW she does it but they're always beautifully done and her color choices are exquisite.  I LOVE the last one, too.  Those COLORS are so RICH!

I've been putting the finishing touches on my scrap quilt that I blogged about on Stash Manicure.  I decided to put one of the blocks in each corner in the final border but should have the border on tomorrow so will post a photo of the finished product.  Have to put one  more border on a UFO and make backs for those two then off to the longarmer they go.  YAY!  One 'from stash' and one UFO to check off my to-do list.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This lovely group of ladies are a small part of our Quilting For Christ group at my church.  We make all KINDS of charity quilts and at the last meeting and today, they were working on Irish Chain quilts.  These will be finished up and taken to an organization that takes in kids whose parents have been arrested and (I guess) there's no family to care for them.  Our group's leader, Margie, just told us about this today so I have no additional info on it except that I believe she said it was located in Kaufman.  That workhorse, JoAnne, ran home after the last meeting and whipped up one from her scraps (the one at the left).  She's such an OVERACHIEVER!!!  lol
I'm 'guest blogging' today over at Stash Manicure.  Check it out--lots of good ideas if your stash 'overfloweth'! LOL  And then maybe some pix later on from our QFC group today.  They worked on Irish Chain quilts a couple of weeks ago but I didn't get to go. :-(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So this morning, I headed out bright and early to begin helping set up our QUILT SHOW which begins in the morning!!  I couldn't help snapping a few photos of some of our GORGEOUS quilts!  We have so many talented peeps in our guild and I'm not EVEN in their stratosphere!  But I can drool, ooh and ahh all over their quilts!!  If you are in or near the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I would love to invite you to stop in Fri., Sat. or Sun. to help us celebrate.  We're at the Amon Carter exhibit hall and have a great bunch of vendors as well.  Visit the guild's website here for additional information and directions, if needed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I finished the first block of the newest BOM sampler from my LQS, Quilter's Dream.  This time around, the 2 color choices were black & white & bright or 'classics' (maroons, blues, golds, greens).  Obviously I chose the B&W&bright and I really like the way this first one turned out.  Can't WAIT to see the final setting layout for this one.  I'm bound and determined to put the last set of blocks together SOON.  They were neutrals and the final layout needs 24 log cabin blocks.  So that will take a little while but hopefully not too long.  And there's a set of 30's blocks that I want to get put together as well.  If I can get those done, that'd count towards my 2010 goals in the UFO department--DOUBLE BONUS! LOL

Friday, April 2, 2010

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.  Happy egg hunting, joyous celebration of a risen Saviour and creating fond memories with family and friends!!

Our quilt show begins ONE WEEK from TODAY!!  YIPPEE!  It's gonna be another good one.  If you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (or thereabouts), hope you'll stop by for a peek.  We'll be at the Amon Carter exhibit hall..visit our guild website here for more information.  You'll be glad you did!!