Thursday, April 15, 2010

This lovely group of ladies are a small part of our Quilting For Christ group at my church.  We make all KINDS of charity quilts and at the last meeting and today, they were working on Irish Chain quilts.  These will be finished up and taken to an organization that takes in kids whose parents have been arrested and (I guess) there's no family to care for them.  Our group's leader, Margie, just told us about this today so I have no additional info on it except that I believe she said it was located in Kaufman.  That workhorse, JoAnne, ran home after the last meeting and whipped up one from her scraps (the one at the left).  She's such an OVERACHIEVER!!!  lol

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Maureen said...

I agree that JoAnne can be such an overachiever!!! If I could only be half as productive as she is!