Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's another Home of the Brave almost completed.  I've gotten the components of each row sewn together and pressed.  All that's left is to sew the rows together and it'll be off to the longarmer's.  I never get tired of these beautiful quilts and they really get LOTS of compliments when people see them.  I think it's the Civil War repro fabrics that are used--seems they, for the most part, all play well together.  I think we have two that are completely finished so I'd like to have at least 4 more before shipping them off to the regional coordinator who distributes them to the families.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

After our church quilting group met on Thurs., we were 'encouraged' (LOL) to take some stuff home for homework since we're not meeting again til the end of June.  I brought home this quilt that already had the binding machine-stitched on & only needed it handstitched.  It was donated by some gal who's relative (not sure if it was mom, grandma, aunt or someone else) had made the top and she didn't want it.  She donated a few items--kinda sad but I guess if you're not a quilt lover, it's just more stuff to find a place for.  Anyway, it such a LOONNG skinny quilt and some funny fabs in there, a little corduroy, etc and all hand pieced!  Not sure what will happen to it but I finished my bit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WOOP, there it is!

HALLELUJAH!  I actually have TWO UFO's I'm marking off my list.  The first one is a $5 block from the LQS.  I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of going in, paying $5 for the first block and the remainder of the blocks are free if  you bring in your completed block each month.  I have several sets of these completed blocks and decided I HAD to get some of them finished up.  This particular time around, the shop owner offered the 30's colorway or the Christmas and, obviously, I went with the 30's.  At the end, she always offers a different setting for the two colorways.  I liked the setting for the Christmas colorway and this is it--

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and can't WAIT to take it to the longarmer's.  The back is all assembled with the labeled pieced into it.  All it needs is a good pressing.    The next top is something I found while pulling stuff out of the closet.  I don't EVEN remember when I made this.  I was thinking about adding one more border but then I decided I liked it as is and it's already like 74 X 88.  I'll probably just put a dark binding on once it's quilted.

This second one is a top I found when pulling stuff out of the closet.  It was at this stage when I dug it out (don't even remember when I made it) and I was thinking about putting another border on.  But the more I looked at it, I decided to leave it as is since it was already like 74 X 88.  I'll just add a dark binding to finish it off once it's quilted.  It's nice to be able to mark two more UFO's off the list.

Tomorrow is our Quilting for Christ group at church.  I'll try to remember to take my camera and get some pix (I forgot to take it to guild last night).

Monday, May 17, 2010

OK, good grief, it's been a week without a post.  I'm SO BAD.  But I have been busy working on multiple projects (from my STASH) all at once so it keeps me busy but, at this point, I have NOTHING to show for it.  But very soon I'll hopefully have LOTS to show.
Anyway, this was our monthly Quiltsitters meeting so I took pictures during the show & tell so I'd at least have SOMETHING picture-wise to post.  Without further adieu.....

The first is Jill's beautiful French Braid.  She said she made it then wondered why she used those colors since they don't go in her house.  So now it's going to be an auction item for Relay for Life which she and several in her sew group are participating in.  Hope it brings in a TON of money (and I really need to get busy and finish MINE!).  I think the second is Leslie's and going to be for Quilts of Valor.  I LOVE string quilts!

Next is Bonnie's quilt from THAT BOOK (Scrap Basket Surprises).  I LOVE it!  She's a new longarmer and is doing quite well.  I've seen a couple of her customer quilts and they were lovely.  I can't remember who this next one belonged to but REALLY like those neutrals.  Might hafta put that on my already OH SO LONG list!


Finally, there's Sherri's beautiful Blooming 9 patch.  Those COLORS--SO BEAUTIFUL (actually I think that neutral was Sherri's also).  I finished my Blooming 9 patch quilt a long time ago and STILL remember how much sewing was involved.  I didn't think I'd EVER FINISH!!  But Sherri's makes me KINDA want to do another.

So guild is tomorrow and QFC is Thurs. so if I have nothing yet of my own to show, I should have something from one of those two groups.  Terrible, I know.  Oh well, what can I say.  Oh yeah, I already said it, I'm BAD!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

No quilting pictures today but I'm VERY UPSET!!  The baby cardinals were out of the nest today and defininitely NOT READY!  ACK!  I got one (without touching it) and put it back in the nest and, when I tried to put the other one back, the first one jumped out again!  OH NO!  They were not flying and, if some darned cat finds em, they're toast!  I did finally get one to stay so hopefully he'll still be there in the morning.  Here are their very upset parents (taken thru the blinds and ---

not too bad for the dirty window, huh?  (maybe I should put my glasses on!! HA)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Quilt Show!!

I ran over to the Arlington guild's show this's a small show with just a few vendors but they always have some really pretty quilts.  Thought I'd share just a couple here..their theme this year was "America the Beautiful" and that was what their challenge was based on.  I think the pix on the top left was the blue ribbon winner in the challenge.

And a couple of nature photos of my clematis (sorry about the poor photo, it's in shadows and that's about as good as it'll get) AND my little baby cardinals in the rose bush.  There WERE three but now I'm only seeing two

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I took a class yesterday at the LQS using some new-fangled ruler but I forgot my camera.  As soon as I get a few more made and am able to lay 'em out where you could get an idea of what I'm talking about, I'll post a photo.  The main gist of it is you take two 2 1/2" strips, sew them together and lay this ruler on to cut triangle shapes.  Sew them together and VOILA, you have a hexagon.

Now today was sewing with my church group and there were several projects going on.  Here's JoAnne hard at work on one of the projects

and here's the project she's working on

Next is a picture of a few of the gals in the process of preparing a quilt top for quilting.  Most of the gals in our church group are NOT quilters, just wanting to come and learn and help however they can.  We get a LOT done in our group.

I was busy the entire time cutting components for more Home of the Brave blocks.  JoAnne took a BUNCH home as 'homework' and I made some and cut some more once I got home.  I'm TIRED!!