Saturday, May 22, 2010

After our church quilting group met on Thurs., we were 'encouraged' (LOL) to take some stuff home for homework since we're not meeting again til the end of June.  I brought home this quilt that already had the binding machine-stitched on & only needed it handstitched.  It was donated by some gal who's relative (not sure if it was mom, grandma, aunt or someone else) had made the top and she didn't want it.  She donated a few items--kinda sad but I guess if you're not a quilt lover, it's just more stuff to find a place for.  Anyway, it such a LOONNG skinny quilt and some funny fabs in there, a little corduroy, etc and all hand pieced!  Not sure what will happen to it but I finished my bit.

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JoAnne said...

Got your homework done already, eh? Good for you! I've finished the 30 blocks that were started and now have 18 more to make on the camo quilt. Thought I'd save it for June. Need to DJ tomorrow so I'll have something to show on Monday.