Monday, May 10, 2010

No quilting pictures today but I'm VERY UPSET!!  The baby cardinals were out of the nest today and defininitely NOT READY!  ACK!  I got one (without touching it) and put it back in the nest and, when I tried to put the other one back, the first one jumped out again!  OH NO!  They were not flying and, if some darned cat finds em, they're toast!  I did finally get one to stay so hopefully he'll still be there in the morning.  Here are their very upset parents (taken thru the blinds and ---

not too bad for the dirty window, huh?  (maybe I should put my glasses on!! HA)


JoAnne said...

Great pictures and I don't see any dirt. Maybe I need new glasses. Hope the babies stayed put!

Taryn said...

I adore cardinals and hope the babies will be okay. They probably will. Don't be surprised if they get out again, but they and the parents will likely figure things out. Great post.