Monday, May 17, 2010

OK, good grief, it's been a week without a post.  I'm SO BAD.  But I have been busy working on multiple projects (from my STASH) all at once so it keeps me busy but, at this point, I have NOTHING to show for it.  But very soon I'll hopefully have LOTS to show.
Anyway, this was our monthly Quiltsitters meeting so I took pictures during the show & tell so I'd at least have SOMETHING picture-wise to post.  Without further adieu.....

The first is Jill's beautiful French Braid.  She said she made it then wondered why she used those colors since they don't go in her house.  So now it's going to be an auction item for Relay for Life which she and several in her sew group are participating in.  Hope it brings in a TON of money (and I really need to get busy and finish MINE!).  I think the second is Leslie's and going to be for Quilts of Valor.  I LOVE string quilts!

Next is Bonnie's quilt from THAT BOOK (Scrap Basket Surprises).  I LOVE it!  She's a new longarmer and is doing quite well.  I've seen a couple of her customer quilts and they were lovely.  I can't remember who this next one belonged to but REALLY like those neutrals.  Might hafta put that on my already OH SO LONG list!


Finally, there's Sherri's beautiful Blooming 9 patch.  Those COLORS--SO BEAUTIFUL (actually I think that neutral was Sherri's also).  I finished my Blooming 9 patch quilt a long time ago and STILL remember how much sewing was involved.  I didn't think I'd EVER FINISH!!  But Sherri's makes me KINDA want to do another.

So guild is tomorrow and QFC is Thurs. so if I have nothing yet of my own to show, I should have something from one of those two groups.  Terrible, I know.  Oh well, what can I say.  Oh yeah, I already said it, I'm BAD!!

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Alycia said...

Beautiful quilts. I love that string quilt, and I have a box ( or 3) of strings in those colors!!!