Friday, May 7, 2010

Quilt Show!!

I ran over to the Arlington guild's show this's a small show with just a few vendors but they always have some really pretty quilts.  Thought I'd share just a couple here..their theme this year was "America the Beautiful" and that was what their challenge was based on.  I think the pix on the top left was the blue ribbon winner in the challenge.

And a couple of nature photos of my clematis (sorry about the poor photo, it's in shadows and that's about as good as it'll get) AND my little baby cardinals in the rose bush.  There WERE three but now I'm only seeing two


ritad said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts. Your Clematis is also stunning, mine did well this year, until we had the 14 inches of rain last weekend ( I live in Tennessee)
We have nest in our rose bushes too, but so well hidden I can't see babies. Still hopeing. Next to quilts, Spring is the best isn't it?

Brooke said...

Hi There,

I just found your blog from a link at Stash Manicure and I enjoyed my visit here. Apparently, we're neighbors of sorts! I'm in DFW too.

I have a clematis vine that I shared a few days ago. Mine has been planted for YEARS and it is one straggly strand. It looks more like a thread than a vine, but it does give off lovely blooms. One at a time though. Yours is amazing and full!

We have a mama duck in our bush right now sitting on a nest of eggs. I have no idea where in the world she came from, but she swims in our pool every morning. We are all smitten with her. My row of shrubs is getting crispy and dry because I made my hubby turn off our sprinkler system so we wouldn't flood the nest. :-)

It is always fun to find people in blog world that you feel like you have something in common with. I hope you have a wonderful day. I'll have my machine out working on a quilt for my Dad's birthday this weekend. Must finish to get it in the mail asap!


PS - Looks like you had a blast on your road trip. Do you know about the bus trip this weekend sponsored by Suzy's in Garland? It is such a great deal and I really wish I was going!

Karen said...

The medallion quilt surrounded by the nine patches on point is my favorite of the ones you show. I like the design and the colors used.