Saturday, June 12, 2010

Irving Quilt Guild show

Ran over to the Irving show this morning and there were some nice quilts; took a few pix which I'll share today and probably tomorrow.

The pretty basket quilt was made by Nancy Stewart  and the Lone Star was Best of Show winner and also made by Nancy Stewart.


The postage stamp quilt was made by Helen Widener--she said postage stamp quilts were originally made to protest stamp prices.  I NEVER knew that (probably everyone else did, though--HA).  And the cute, whimsical little flower pots was made by Janie Merritt, titled Alaska Blooms (she said it was inspired by a painting she saw on their Alaskan cruise).

I have several more and will share them tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting by the phone waiting for the call telling me I won their raffle quilt!  HAHA


JoAnne said...

I love that basket quilt! Looks like it was a good show.

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. I am working on that very same postage stamp quilt.

I wish I would've had the time to attend the show this weekend...maybe next year.

Maureen said...

Those are some beautiful quilts!

Kathie said...

beautiful quilts thanks for sharing, looks like this was a great quilt show, hope you will share more !
LOVE that postage stamp quilt, amazing!

Quilt Hollow said...

OK....have to tell you that the basket quilt is just so darned ME!! Love that...glad you shared!!!