Monday, June 14, 2010

more from Irving

As promised, here are a few more quilts from the show..and NO, I did NOT get a call congratulating me on winning the raffle quilt!  BOO, HISS!  Oh well, I know SOMEONE'S happy even if it ain't me! LOL

The first one was made by  Sue Gray  and the next, a blue ribbon winner, was made by Patricia Yates.  The sign said all 3 of the Yates boys served in the military for 6 years each and this was a gift for the mother.  WOW, I really appreciate the service of that family!!

This one was the challenge winner (I guess it had to do with their "East Meets West" theme) and was a dragon made with LOTS of 3 dimensional triangles or prairie points or whatever you wanna call em.  It was made by  Carol Cook  and was very imaginative!



Elaine Adair said...

Groan - sorry you are not the winner. 8-(( Maybe next time. 8-))

LOVE that star quilt, especially.

Quilt Hollow said...

I hate when I don't get the call for the quilt after a show too. I'm not so sure about that dragon would't go with a thing in my home. Hee!!

Taryn said...

Who do you think that is who keeps snagging our winning raffle tickets from the bowl? I am sure there are at least five that were supposed to go to me.