Friday, June 4, 2010

A week or two ago, I mentioned a class I'd taken using a new ruler.  I initially started with a red/cream/blue colorway but those got put on the back burner (what's new, huh? LOL).   I had been working on a quilt (one of MANY) using my sizeable 30's stash and decided to start cutting 2.5" strips for the hexagons.  Then I ran across Jaybird's hexagon quilt along where she featured some different layout variations and of COURSE I had to try some of those.  I also wanted star point on my hexagons and had auditioned a few different fabs but nothing really struck me.  So first and foremost, here's the ruler...

I'm really liking it so far and actually found another quilt using this same ruler in a magazine I just bought called "America Quilts-Hometown Favorites" from McCall's.  This quilt is from The Quilt Company in Allison Park, PA and uses a red, blue, green & gold
colorway.  ANOTHER quilt to use up my stash--YAY!!

So here are a few of the hexagons I've made, the fab I chose for the star points (not a very good pix, sorry) and the hexagons laid on said fabric to give a bit of an idea how the points will look.  I think Beverly (owner of LQS) said it was called birthday cake or something

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JoAnne said...

Cool! What's the deal with the purple and yellow on the lower right? I don't see the points. Ha!