Friday, June 25, 2010


This has been a BUSY WEEK but I'm finally able to do some relaxed sewing today.  I had Quiltsitters and bunco on Monday, making homemade ice cream for our monthly dinner at the local Ronald McDonald house on Tues., a class on Wed. and quilting at the church yesterday.  We had a Home of the Brave 'sweat shop' going yesterday and got a TON accomplished.  I was able to assemble one HOB top and JoAnne assembled another.  So we have 3 waiting to go to the longarmer's and enough blocks to put together 3 or 4 more tops!  YAY!  But alas, no pix once again of the 'sweat shop'. LOL

So instead I'll show some progress from the Wed. class.  It was a fun class and I've been working more on this today.  I actually ordered another yd. of each of the 4 fabrics I'm using cause I wanna make it bigger.  (The picture is only 6 blocks).

   It's called inlaid tiles and apparently was a Quiltsitters handout from Mary Ellen Hopkins YEARS ago.  From what I understand, it was never published in any of her books nor was it published as a pattern.  I like it cause it LOOKS harder than it is!!  HAHA


JoAnne said...

Love the fabrics in your inlaid tiles quilt. Lookin' good!

Needled Mom said... has been a busy week for you. I like that inlaid tiles pattern.