Thursday, July 1, 2010

AAck!  I'm so easily distracted!!  I've been so good about working on my inlaid tiles quilt but then I pick up the bag of donated fabric and start messin' with that!  OK, so I finally made myself put that away but then, during my blog visiting, I've been seeing everyone ELSE'S cute, beautiful, ALLURING State Fair Schnibbles and it kept calling to me (the pattern upstairs, it was calling to me! LOL) and I finally CAVED!  Oh NO!  But aren't they CUTE?!  I have several Schnibbles patterns upstairs paired with charm packs just waiting their turn.  So there, I did it and I LOVE it.  I'm using the Portugal line and a Fairy Frost I just happened to have in my stash.  So not ONE NEW THING purchased for this project!!  HAHA  These are so quick and easy and you trim em up and voila.  I've cranked out 9 in a really short period of time so it's a quick & easy project, MY kind of project.

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JoAnne said...

That is so cute! I love it! Guess it's a bit harder than the last one you posted but I like it better. Too hard for QFC?