Saturday, July 17, 2010

another flimsy

Another HOB top complete (but not pressed--LOL!) in another not so good iphone picture.  Hey it is what it is.  But at least I can mark it off my list.  YIPPEE!  I think JoAnne took another home so we're crankin' em out.  The lady that quilts them for us quilted the last 3 in under a WEEK!  Talk about fast turn around time.  I always like to have 7 or 8 before I mail them off to the gal who distributes them so we're about there.


JoAnne said...

Looking good!

Quilt Hollow said...

HOB stands for?
You indeed have been quite a Schnibbler and I've obviously missed many post here! I'm bad and getting to everybody sometimes and must aplogize! I do love visits when I get to yours!!