Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hmmm...I know it's not much for not having posted in a WEEK but it's all I can show for now.  I was reviewing my goals list and noticed I hadn't done a THING towards my pillowcase goal.  So I went through my burgeoning stash and pulled out a few 'what's that doing in there?!!' fabrics to use for pillowcases.  They're not the prettiest things in the room but they're better (at least to MY way of thinking) than plain ole white ones!!  I've got a few more cut and ready to be stitched so will be working on a few more.  Not sure where they'll go yet--probably the women's shelter.  I used the 'sausage pillowcase' method which I think I've posted in the past and can be found on youtube.  I LOVE it!

Edit:  WOOHOO!!  2 more made after this post!  YAY!  LOL

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JoAnne said...

At least you accomplished something today! I enjoyed Quitman with the group but no stitching done here.