Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I intended to get this finished up on Sunday but that didn't happen--it finally happened today and now I can cross one more goal off my list!  YIPPEE!!  This was a kit I purchased I can't even remember how long ago and, like I said previously, the colors are not very appealing to me (seems like it might have looked different online or in the catalogue).  So it will either be a donation or MAY wind up as a table topper (though it really doesn't go with anything in the house).

In between other things I stitch on, I have a few neck pillows that I work on for soldiers departing from DFW.  These are already cut out for us and the only thing we have to do is stitch.  There's apparently an elderly lady in a nursing home that really likes to turn them right side out, which I think is a WONDERFUL thing--gives her something to do.  Then someone else stuffs and stitches the opening closed so it's an assembly line-type operation.  And our fabulous soldiers get a LITTLE bit of comfort on the long flight over (and I hope they use them afterwards).

This was taken by one of the gals who works with the USO and passes out the pillows at DFW.  I think it's so cute!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Working towards my goals, I started this project a couple of days ago.  It was a kit I bought from Connecting Threads quite some time ago.  When I opened the pkg., I was kinda freaked by the colors as they're a little on the weird side (for me anyway).  But if I recall correctly, I paid less the $40 for the kit and it winds up at 52" square.  Will most likely be a donation of some sort but I like the pattern and may use it again--in DIFFERENT COLORS! LOL  So the first set of blocks are finished and need to do the four alternate blocks then the setting triangles and it's DONE!  YAY!  Can't wait to check that off my 'to do' list.  Hopefully, that'll be tomorrow.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quiltsitters show & tell


From Quiltsitters today, the first quilt pictured is Leslie's from the most recent Moda U and the top right is a quilt Leslie made for a little girl.  The bottom left is one that Leslie (YES, she's our most PROLIFIC quilter in Quiltsitters!!) made for me to include with our donation to Alycia's Quilts of Valor.  The last one is a class project that will be taught by Nancy when she's able.  She's just been diagnosed with breast cancer so, of course, must deal with that first and foremost.  Then, when she's better and stronger, she will come back and teach this class.  Can't WAIT to take the class (though it uses the tri recs ruler which I'm not terribly fond of more due to the user rather than the ruler).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The butterflies are going forth and multiplying--LOL!  I know, it's getting boring just seeing the butterflies but I don't have anything else I can show you at the moment.  We have Quiltsitters tomorrow so hopefully some show & tell pix and then guild is Tues.  We'll see what shows up there.  THEN our church groups meets Thur. so I won't hafta show butterflies (hopefully) for awhile anyway (but I do like those cute little butterflies!!).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just thought I'd post a pix with a few more butterflies.  I LIKE them!  Need to figure out just how many I need for the way I intend to set them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


If you'd like a chance to win a gorgeous pattern, visit Dawn's blog.  Here's a peek...


I'm kinda out of sorts right now as I SHOULD be in England but I'm NOT...still here in hot, HOT Texas!  We wound up having to cancel our trip due to a family crisis and I did not want to be all the way over in England just in case we were needed HERE!  What a nightmare THAT would've been trying to get back home and the anxiety I would've suffered on the long flight back.  One day, I will reschedule and we'll enjoy it when we go.  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to my quilt cruise in January onboard the HUGE Oasis of the Seas!!  AND I'll just have more money to spend on that trip, right?! LOL

I've been working on this and that and thought I'd show my first few little butterflies I've made.

Nedra did a guest post awhile back at Stash Manicure on these little cuties and I thought they'd be just one more cute idea for using some of my stash.  So I started rummaging around for pieces that were big enough to get two wings and started cutting.  They're just so easy and wonky.  So I'll be working on these along with the bazillion other projects I have going!   YIKES!  I also have at least 3 quilted quilts that need binding so I SHOULD crank those out (but that's BORING!) so they'll just have to wait a little longer.

Just trying to stay cool here (which is no easy task! UGH).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here's the finished BOM that I picked up from the LQS yesterday.  I actually had it finished yesterday but, since I'd already posted, didn't want two posts in one day.  Can't WAIT to see what she has in mind for the setting for these colorful blocks!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I went with my bud, Patty Pooh, to the LQS this morning to pick up our BOM.  I'm going to work on it in a bit since I want to have it done before we leave next week.  But Beverly had a Baltimore Album quilt hanging in order to advertise for the monthly class they'll be doing on same.  Isn't it FABULOUS?!!  As soon as I had heard she was going to be offering it, I signed up.  The two gals who will be teaching are from Denton and were the speakers at our guild a few months ago.  Their quilts were to DIE for!  So I will be embarking on that journey very soon.

After we left the LQS, we HAD to go for lunch, right?!  We headed up to Grapevine and had lunch at Main Street Bakery (or Bread, can't ever remember which).  On our way over to each, I spotted this GIANT spider hanging above one of the shops.  They had Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on display inside.  Too many cute things (but I thought the spider was HILARIOUS!).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here's my stack of completed pillowcases--15 here and the two I gave the punks makes a total of 17!!  SO CLOSE to my goal yet still 3 away.  But I'm going to take these to the Pillows of Love gal along with a bunch made by my church quilt group.  I must get on to others things right now as we're leaving for England and Scotland in a week!  YIPPEE!!  And I really want to get at least one ugly fabric challenge finished up and off to the longarmer before I leave--must get busy NOW! LOL  Oh YEAH, meant to say those pillowcases represent 17 YARDS of stash busted.  But you sure can't tell---ARRRGGHHH!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look at these punks!!  LOL I was cleaning out a closet and found some Bob the Builder fabric.  PERFECT for pillowcases for these two doofies.  I think they liked em!  Still working on the pillowcase  goal--I have several cut & ready to sew so I'm getting there!