Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I intended to get this finished up on Sunday but that didn't happen--it finally happened today and now I can cross one more goal off my list!  YIPPEE!!  This was a kit I purchased I can't even remember how long ago and, like I said previously, the colors are not very appealing to me (seems like it might have looked different online or in the catalogue).  So it will either be a donation or MAY wind up as a table topper (though it really doesn't go with anything in the house).

In between other things I stitch on, I have a few neck pillows that I work on for soldiers departing from DFW.  These are already cut out for us and the only thing we have to do is stitch.  There's apparently an elderly lady in a nursing home that really likes to turn them right side out, which I think is a WONDERFUL thing--gives her something to do.  Then someone else stuffs and stitches the opening closed so it's an assembly line-type operation.  And our fabulous soldiers get a LITTLE bit of comfort on the long flight over (and I hope they use them afterwards).

This was taken by one of the gals who works with the USO and passes out the pillows at DFW.  I think it's so cute!


Dee said...

Good job on your last project. I think the color scheme turned out fabulous.

Quilt Hollow said...

I've been missing your post! Geez!! I think your latest quilt is wonderful but also want to post about the soldiers...we had been military and always so appreciative at all those who supported the military in any way! Thank you!