Friday, August 6, 2010

I went with my bud, Patty Pooh, to the LQS this morning to pick up our BOM.  I'm going to work on it in a bit since I want to have it done before we leave next week.  But Beverly had a Baltimore Album quilt hanging in order to advertise for the monthly class they'll be doing on same.  Isn't it FABULOUS?!!  As soon as I had heard she was going to be offering it, I signed up.  The two gals who will be teaching are from Denton and were the speakers at our guild a few months ago.  Their quilts were to DIE for!  So I will be embarking on that journey very soon.

After we left the LQS, we HAD to go for lunch, right?!  We headed up to Grapevine and had lunch at Main Street Bakery (or Bread, can't ever remember which).  On our way over to each, I spotted this GIANT spider hanging above one of the shops.  They had Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas on display inside.  Too many cute things (but I thought the spider was HILARIOUS!).

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