Monday, August 16, 2010

Quiltsitters show & tell


From Quiltsitters today, the first quilt pictured is Leslie's from the most recent Moda U and the top right is a quilt Leslie made for a little girl.  The bottom left is one that Leslie (YES, she's our most PROLIFIC quilter in Quiltsitters!!) made for me to include with our donation to Alycia's Quilts of Valor.  The last one is a class project that will be taught by Nancy when she's able.  She's just been diagnosed with breast cancer so, of course, must deal with that first and foremost.  Then, when she's better and stronger, she will come back and teach this class.  Can't WAIT to take the class (though it uses the tri recs ruler which I'm not terribly fond of more due to the user rather than the ruler).

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