Monday, September 20, 2010

Another couple of photo-laden posts coming up--these are from today's Quiltsitters group.  Lots of pretty ones as always.

  The upper left is Monterrey Medallion--ANOTHER that I have started but it lays upstairs in pieces and parts (in other words, UNFINISHED!!!).  Must get it out.  I really need to start my 'list of 5' again as I had pretty good luck finishing things up when I did it.  The 2nd one--isn't that such a CUTE little wallhanging?  LOVE IT!  And the last one was made as a wedding gift.  Cindy said she just used leftovers.  AWESOME!!

By the way, I DID win one of the little auction quilts so will take a pix of that and post in a day or two.           

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