Thursday, September 16, 2010

As I was shophopping last week, I saw some really pretty quilts hanging in the various and sundry shops.  One caught my eye at the Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop and it was SO CUTE using the Halloween fabric (of which I have a PLETHORA!!) that I thought I'd make one.  I was messing around with different sizes for the two squares and decided on 3.5 and 4.5" squares.  Here are a couple of layouts--

Kaleidoscope has a kit for theirs on their website and it looks like they laid theirs out like the example on the left.  This would be a quick and easy quilt to make for a gift as it's just the connecting corners on two background squares.

TVQG's quilt show tomorrow--will be back tomorrow or the next day with pictures!!


Quilt Hollow said...

Halloween is soon...will you be ready?!! LOL

Patty Pooh said...

Sherrill, This is sew cute!