Monday, September 27, 2010

DJ day with Dot & Brenda

We had a LOT of fun today at Dear Jane.  I haven't been to the group in ages but when Dot mentioned on the list that she was coming over, Brenda said she'd like to drive up and meet her!  Dot was ECSTATIC!  So we had a full day today with lots of show and tell and Brenda stories!  They are SO GOOD and funny!!





OK, Sandy's is the first (top row, left side) then Jane's (right side), Gloria's (I think that was her name) is second row left and JoAnne's red/white/blue is next.  The next three are Brenda's (GW's quilt, another quilt using some DJ blocks with medallion and the 'infamous' REJECT quilt).  The last picture is HILARIOUS--it was our favorite block in the reject quilt.  TOO FUNNY and gave us all a great laugh (sorry if it's yours but I guess you knew anyway since you sent it in to be used in this quilt, huh?).  Oh my gosh, we had a great day.  I'll post a few more pix tomorrow of Dot, Brenda & others in attendance today.


JoAnne said...

I'm still LOL over that reject block! So much fun today. See what you're missing???

Lori said...

Oh that looks like fun! Thanks for the reminder to pull out my DJ quilt. I'm hoping to get more quited this fall and winter.