Wednesday, October 27, 2010

little projects

Just a couple of little projects today sandwiched in between working on a larger project today...

I found this cute little kleenex cover over at Barb and Mary's blog except I didn't box my corners like they did.  Will hafta try that on the next one cause I actually think it gives a neater look to the finished product.  May have to cut some little kits as quickie projects for the church quilt group (JoAnne, don't get ahead of me here!  LOL).

And our guild has several organizations that we work with including breast cancer patients.  We've made a TON of these heart-shaped pillows and they've all been used up so we've been asked for more.  I've only cut out 4 at this point and have 3 sewn..will do the fourth one and need to go buy stuffing but I'll definitely be making more.  This is a GREAT stashbuster.  Just dig in and find some of that 'what was I thinking' fabric and voila!  Heart pillows!!  YAY!


JoAnne said...

Aren't you the busy bee? I rearranged and cleaned some in my sewing room today. Not worth a photo!

Barb said...

Hi -
Your kleenex cover looks great!