Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ugly Fabric Challenge

Had to run up and take a peek at my 'competition' in the ugly fabric challenge.  I think Beverly said there were 48 entries--a couple of bags and a couple of bowls (one by my bud, JoAnne) but mostly quilts.  I only took a few pictures but there were some REALLY PRETTY ones!!

This gal used one of my favorite techniques for disguising ugly fabrics..she bleached it out!!  She used the fab as is in several of the tiny 9 patches but then used the bleached fab in the alternate blocks.  Her embroidery all around the edges was really pretty.

This just created the pretty pattern.

I'm thinking her ugly is the aqua in the center of the blocks.  The very centers were ruched and so pretty.

This was different from anything I ever recall seeing.  She used her ugly to make the lettering.   Very unique.

Marg did such a pretty applique Baltimore album style for her challenge.  Her ugly fab is the sashing/border fabric (she MIGHT have used some of it in the applique but don't recall for sure).

Isn't this a pretty interconnected, intertwined pattern?  I think she had the same ugly as me only in a pink colorway where mine was blue.

And finally, this was Val's.  She was the big winner last year and this year had the same ugly fabric as me IN the same blue color!!  SO different from what I came up with and so pretty. 


Lori said...

How fun to see "ugly" used in such pretty ways!!

JoAnne said...

WOW! The competition is stiff!