Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I arrived in Houston this afternoon with my bud, JoAnne.  I had access to the "VIP preview" which started at 5pm.  All the 'regular folks'--LOL--got to come in at 7pm.  My plan was to be leaving as they were flooding in and I just about made it.  I took a quick run through the quilts, taking lots of photos, then over to the vendors.  I've already picked up a few items.  I'll post a few pix over the next few days (I downloaded way over 100!!).  Tomorrow, I take a class with Karen Kay Buckley and will post a few from that.  So here are just a few of the quilts to whet your appetite...



Top left--the church--is by Louise Perrin called Steadfast and Faithful from the "O Canada" exhibit.  The top right is from the same exhibit, by Judith Leslie called Early Spring in Banff.  Betsy Ross Never Imagined This is the pretty flag crazy quilt by Nancy McLerran and the middle right is Busy Bees & Friends by Karen Eckmeier.  Bottom left is Ambrosia by Gina Perkes and then there's Dance of the Butterflies by Deb Layt.  More tomorrow!

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Lori said...

I have got to get to Houston one of these years!! Love the quilts you posted.