Thursday, November 25, 2010

need a little therapy?

I think I've mentioned before that my church class goes to the Ronald McDonald house on the 4th Tues. of the month to serve dinner to the folks who are staying there.  We all really enjoy doing this and the gal that coordinates always does a wonderful job of coming up with good menus that will appeal to most everyone.  This week we took soups (& a very nice variety I must say) plus salad, rolls, crackers and desserts (of COURSE!! LOL).

Every month on our appointed night, the therapy dogs come as well.  I really look forward to visiting with and petting all the dogs that come (probably as much if not more than the kids!).  I always intend to take pictures but then forget--will tonight, I DIDN'T forget!  So here are the dogs in attendance this week...

 This precious little girl is Marble--she is the sweetest little miniature Schnauzer and such a pretty color.  She always comes all dressed up in the cutest costumes.  She was all ready for Christmas!! 
This handsome fellow is Rory.  He's a Gordon Setter (I believe I have that right) and is so friendly and always happy for any attention you can spare.  He was wiggly and all over the place so I was lucky to get this good of a picture!!
These two big guys are Titan and Boomer.  Titan is a great dane (a small one, I'm told at 130 lbs.) and Boomer is a Brazilian mastiff.  They're both such loveable big old teddy bears.  The folks who own Rory also own Titan plus 3 other dogs and currently have 2 foster dogs (golden retrievers).  WOW, I can't imagine that dog chow bill.  LOL!

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