Tuesday, November 16, 2010

pictures from Quiltsitters

They're not very good cause I forgot my camera and had to use the iphone but here they are anyway!!.....

 This was Jill's pretty quilt.  I think she said she made it for her sister or SIL.
Ooo, Diane's pretty fall leaves quilt.  This was a BIG puppy!  Love it!
Susan's pretty finish.  This was the $5 BOM a year or so ago.  I did the same colorway but do you think MY blocks are anywhere near a finish?  NO, of course not!! LOL  Susan's motivated me though.
And this was Brenda's 'aggravating' quilt.  She did it as a BOM from somewhere and said the instructions were TERRIBLE.  She said she really had a helluva time getting these blocks made and several had to be hand stitched (course that wouldn't have bothered me).  But it really came out lovely.

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