Monday, December 20, 2010

A few photos from Quiltsitters today..was our annual Christmas party and, as always, so much fun!!  We all bring pkgs. from our sewing room containing things we don't want or need anymore (no JUNK!).  If it's fabric, it can't be scraps, must be at least a fat qtr. size.  Some people brought complete kits in various stages of completion (or non-completion), patterns, books, rulers, orphan blocks, quilt tops!!  WOW!  And the food--YUMMY! 



The first is Cindy's--this one was HUGE!  She said she embroidered the blocks a few years back and put it together for her son and DIL for Christmas.  Then Leslie's, another she made and gave me for QOV!  She is SO PROLIFIC!  This is the third she's given to me to pass along to QOV.  I don't remember who these other quilts belonged to and the pictures are BAD!  I lost my battery charger for my camera and my iphone doesn't have zoom so you get so-so pix.  Oh well...

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