Friday, January 7, 2011

My friend Patty Pooh took me out to lunch today for a belated birthday celebration.  While out and about, we also managed to hit two quilt shops and I 'forced' her to do a little geocaching with me (my goal is to do at least one cache per day during 2011..lofty goals, I know! LOL).

 Our first stop was at the Blue Ribbon quilt shop in Wylie.  It is such a cute shop in an old downtown building.  There are always lots of cute samples on display and I just took a few pictures.  The 'stick' figures (for lack of a better term) are ADORABLE.   The witches' faces table topper, or whatever else
you'd use it for, also had one made up in santa faces.  Then the CUTE, CUTE wreath--LOVE it!    I was tempted to buy the pattern but figured it'd just be one more I'd never get around to making. 
 After leaving the quilt shop, we walked down the street and had lunch in a wonderful little tea room.  I love eating in tea rooms.  Patty and I both enjoyed our meals and, after leaving the tea room, I noticed a beautiful home across the street with a National Historic Registry sign out front.  It was built in the late 1800's by the couple forever immortalized in the statue.  Oh BROTHER, I can't remember their names (I KNEW I should've written it down) but really thought the statue, as well as the house, was beautiful.
We then drove a short distance to a small cemetary and found the cache I was seeking.  I never look good in pictures but ones you take of yourself always look WAY worse (although Patty looks pretty darned good!!).  After our brief geocaching expedition, we headed down the road and stopped at Suzy's.  No pictures there but more 'damage' was done and we did our part to help keep them in the black!  HA  It was a very fun day!!


JoAnne said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! I like celebrating all week, don't you?

Patty Pooh said...

Wow, you're fast! I had a great day with you. Thanks Woman!

ohiostar5 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY------can't beat a good lunch and a couple stops at quilt shops. Sounds luje a perfect day to me. BettyLou