Sunday, January 2, 2011

raffle quilt

I was sitting with the raffle quilt yesterday at Quilter's Dream during part of the time they were doing their $5 BOM (this is our tenth block so only two more to go! YAY!!).  JoAnne was there with Shawn for the 10-12 shift and I relieved her at noon.  But I coerced her into having her picture made with the raffle quilt before she left!!

Doesn't she look lovely in her red?  And her birthday's coming up very soon!!  If you visit her blog, leave her a birthday wish.  Me and my partner actually sold more tickets than JoAnne and her partner!  LOL  We're drawing the winner at the Feb. guild meeting, the meeting where BONNIE HUNTER will be our guest speaker!  YIPPEE!!

1 comment:

Maureen said...

JoAnne definitely looks great in red! That is a lovely picture you got of the Raffle Quilt - you can really see all the quilting.